Secret Places to Visit in Rome


The Eternal City is one of those places where you always return. No matter if you throw the coin to the Trevi Fountain, because once you set foot in Rome, you are destined to return sooner or later.


Secret Places to Visit in Rome

After discovering the most famous monuments and places of La Dolce Vita, as the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican and the Colosseum, nothing better than explore the best secret places in Rome.

Are you coming to learn Rome’s best kept secrets?

What to Eat in Rome

You can’t leave Rome without tasting its delicious food. The Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, with a reason.

Personally I prefer their crispy thin-crust pizzas with seasonal ingredients that will make your mouth water.

If you are looking for the most delicious food in Rome and the most typical dishes, you can’t miss a Rome food tour! This way you can try different culinary delights.

Guia de Roma

You’ll enjoy all Italian flavors with its homemade fresh pasta recipes. You’ll find the best restaurants in Rome in the little streets and where there is only locals. That way you´ll know you’re in the right place!

Gastronomia italiana

And for dessert, nothing beats a creamy Italian ice cream. What flavor do you prefer? I choose nocciola!

Campo de Fiori

Street markets are definitely a perfect spot for a stroll among colorful flowers and delicious veggies.

If you want to buy typical Italian products, nothing better than choosing the Campo de Fiori to purchase wine, spirits and cheese.

Campo de Fiori

Overlooking Rome at Dusk

One of my essential tip for traveling to Rome is to enjoy a dreamy sunset. Nothing better than be delighted by spectacular views from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo.

La Dolce Vita

Catacombs of Rome

It’s great to discover that beneath the city of Rome is located almost 20 kilometers of galleries and mazes from the second century.

The Catacombs of Rome were originated by the need for Christians to bury their dead relatives.

Catacumbas de Roma

Many popes are buried there and on early third century, the Catacombs of San Calixto became the official cemetery of the Church.

A Secret Place to Sleep in Rome

Where to stay in Rome could be a headache for many travelers, either because there is too much offer and it’s difficult to choose, or because there are so many neighborhoods in Rome you do not know in advance the most suitable place to start your visit around the city.

Vacaciones en Roma

I could write many posts about where to stay in the Eternal City, but definitely a perfect option is to rent an apartment in Rome.

What if you want a unique place to stay with charm and a lot of history behind it? My advice is to stay near the Plaza of Spain, a place that I love, especially when it is full of flowers.

Apartamentos en Roma

What if I tell you that you could stay in a Pablo Picasso’s studio? Definitely a unique place.

Don’t miss this post if you want to know more places where to stay in Rome.


I can’t write about Rome without mentioning the bohemian neighborhood of Trastevere.

It is an exclusive place where you must get lost through its streets and squares, to explore small shops and facades full of flowers and vines, making the Trastevere a perfect place to spend with your couple.


Finally, at the end of a day full of emotions, you can have dinner in one of the beautiful terraces of this neighborhood, as Hostaria La Botticella, and taste Italian wine while listening to music.

Without a doubt Italy is a destination for every traveler, but if you want to enjoy La Dolce Vita, don’t hesitate a moment to visit Rome, its secret places and hidden corners.

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6 responses to “Secret Places to Visit in Rome”

  1. Iain says:

    Great blog – something different from a place so frequently visited.

  2. Matt says:

    Hey Sara,

    what a great post! Especially the Catacombs in Rome are a hidden gem, most people miss that! We used to live in Roma, and we set up a Geeky Guide with 5 Secret Tips for Rome. We added our favorite Pizza place, where to get a fantastic gelato and one of the oldest cafés…Hope you’ll like it!

    Take care,

  3. Krystal Bernier says:

    Wow, I’ve never been to Europe, would love to go though. When I do your blog will be the first place I consult. The pizza you talked about has my mouth watering already. And your accommodation recommendations will come in handy.

  4. Thanks for this article, it brings back memories to my trip to Rome last year. My favorite neighborhood is Monti, feel free to have a look if you like

  5. Monika says:

    I really love your unique blog post! These are all great ideas! I am glad you have shared with us. And I want to add my favorite place with you guys:
    1. Vatican Museums
    2. Colosseum
    3. St. Peter’s Basilica
    4. Roman Forum
    5. Piazza Farnese

  6. Tom says:

    Great post. Perhaps it is time to re-visit Rome… My last time there was in 2011… Having a sun-blocker is essential if somebody goes there in the summertime… Otherwise it’s quite easy to get sunburned.

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