Amazing places to visit in Cambodia for the best trip ever

Cambodia places to visit

Are you thinking of traveling to Cambodia?

In this post you have all the information about the best places to visit in Cambodia that you can’t miss on your next trip to this beautiful country.

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For most visitors, Cambodia is mainly about Angkor Wat and other temples to be found there. Which actually is quite a shame as this amazing destination has so many other attractions to offer which are much beyond just the shrines and statues.

Here are some top spots to explore in this historical kingdom which will make your trip to Cambodia worthwhile.

Best places to visit in Cambodia

Amazing places to visit in Cambodia

Here is a list of the best things to do in Cambodia and what places you can’t miss:

Phnom Penh

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Tip – The easiest and most cost effective way to get to Phnom Penh is through the Vietnam-Cambodia border. You can go from Chau doc to Phnom Penh in several different ways.

There is no better way to begin your experience in Cambodia, than by a visit to its teeming capital, Phnom Penh.

Initially you may get taken aback by the dust and traffic which incidentally are the hallmark of most South Asian cities, but beneath the facade there is are some hard hitting places to be explored.

Start by stepping into the Royal Palace, the erstwhile residence of the Cambodian King. Some of the beautiful treasures to be found here include the Silver Pagoda and the Emerald Buddha.

A short distance away lies the National Museum, housing some rare artifacts from Angkor era.

The most unmissable place in Phnom Penh remains the S-21 Security Prison and the Killing Fields, which give a stark reminder of the oppressive policies of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Where to stay in Phnom Penh

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Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

One of the most breathtaking sites in the whole world is the large temple complex of Angkor Wat.

Initially a Hindu shrine, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was later rebuilt into a Buddhist shrine in the 12th century.

Irrespective of whether your interest is history or archeology, these temples are a must see, especially with the help of a guide whose historical knowledge will make a big difference to the trip.

Where to stay in Siem Reap

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Ta Prohm

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The ruins of Ta Prohm unveil a unique system of temples, all covered under vast layers of vines and roots.

The dense jungle surrounding this complex gives the visitor a magical feeling of witnessing a city being swallowed up by the earth.

Tourists find this area as a distant relative of the more popular Angkor Wat, with a lot more peace and serenity than the chaos found there.

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Sihanoukville and Cambodian islands

Visitors might consider the beaches of Thailand to be idyllic, but as far as beauty is concerned the beaches of scenic Sihanoukville are not far behind.

Some of the most pristine pieces of paradise are located in the southwest region of the country.

Clear blue waters make this area great for scuba diving, especially the island of Koh Rong.

Where to stay in Sihanoukville

Chill out in Kampot and Kep

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Located just a few hours out of Phnom Penh, the once sleepy village of Kampot has been overtaken by tourists and expats in the coming years.

Visitors flock here to enjoy all the thrills of a modern city, complete with hip restaurants, cafes and cruises, without the hordes to be found elsewhere.

On the other hand, Kep is a tiny seaside town, known for the best cooked pepper crabs in the country.

Where to stay in Kampot

Floating villages of Tonle Sap

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Located on the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, the floating villages of Tonle Sap provide a real insight into a slice of village life and a reflection of the colorful Khmer culture.

A cruise on the river provides a much needed respite from the chaos of the cities.

A visit to Cambodia is like discovering a hidden gem.

It may not yet have gained the prominence enjoyed by other neighbouring countries, but it is certainly full of spectacular temples and rich cultural heritage.

While some enjoy the bustle of the cities, others find solace in the small towns, villages, beaches and jungles. All in all, an amazing country just waiting to be explored.

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Have you been to any of these Cambodia destinations? Do you know other places to visit in Cambodia? Share below!

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