10 Cool & Unusual Things to do in Savannah, Georgia (2024 Guide)

things to see in savannah

Looking for Cool & Fun things to do in Savannah Georgia? Here you have my Savannah Travel Guide with the best travel tips.

There are some places that you just fall madly in love with at first glance.

For me, Savannah, Georgia was one of those places.

It may have been startlingly hot, incredibly humid and full of bugs, but there was something about Savannah.

It’s full of a kind of understated elegance, with grand old homes featuring porches where you just want to sip a sweetened iced tea and chatter away with your neighbours.

Certainly the kindness and hospitality of those I met in Savannah didn’t heart, either. Although the city is popular with tourists, it’s far from overrun – meaning locals are still friendly and inviting.

Savannah Travel guide

Savannah is a very tourist friendly city, and you should have no problems getting around.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time in the city!

things to see in savannah

When to go to Savannah

The city is really charming and could be enjoyed at any time.

I visited in August, which was hot and humid – even by Australian standards!

For more moderate weather, you can visit between March and July. However, be prepared for more crowds at this time.

If you don’t mind chillier weather in Savannah, then December/January is a great time to visit Savannah without the crowds. Hotels are cheaper at this time of year as well. Check out my Savannah in winter guide! 

fun things to do in savannah ga for adults

How to get to Savannah

By plane

The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport offers regular flights to more than 30 non-stop U.S. destinations.

Here you have the cheapest plane tickets to Savannah:

By Car

Savannah is easily accessible from all points along the east coast via Interstate 95, or from the west by Interstate 16. Get driving directions on Google Maps.

By Train or Bus

You can get to Savannah by Amtrak or Greyhound Bus Lines.

places to visit in savannah ga

How to Get around Savannah

Savannah is fairly small and is laid out a grid, with lots of squares.

This makes it really easy to get around by walking, and by doing so you’ll get to take in the beauty of Savannah’s streets!

Another great option is to catch the bus. There is a free “dot” CAT bus which goes in a loop around the city and can take you between many of the main hotspots.

stuff to do in savannah

Where to Stay in Savannah

As the city is so compact, wherever you stay you’re likely to be close to the best things to do in Savannah.

However, I recommend staying near the waterfront or Forsyth Park. There are lots places to stay in Savannah, from AirBnBs to quality hotels:

  • Best Western Savannah (Budget) – a basic but comfortable option which is great value and close to the Waterfront.

  • Foley House Inn (Mid Range) – stay in a beautiful historic home in a great location near Madison Square

Savannah travel tips

  • If you are visiting Savannah during the summer, I recommend planning your activities for the early morning and late afternoon, with a break in the middle. The heat really can be stifling and you won’t see Savannah at it’s best!
  • If you’re spending just a day, check out this post make the most of one day in Savannah Georgia.
  • Even though I’ve got lots of recommendations for fun things to do in Savannah, I recommend leaving plenty of time for just exploring Savannah’s beautiful streets and squares. They are really stunning and you could spend hours walking around them.

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Savannah

Forsyth Park – best of Savannah

You can’t leave Savannah without taking at least one stroll through Forsyth Park. Really – it’s impossible! 

It would be like leaving Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Besides, it’s one of the cool things to do in Savannah!

fun things to do in savannah ga for couples

The beautiful park is the heart of Savannah both geographically and culturally. It’s a beautiful green space, with hanging willows that make it incredibly photogenic.

Besides, it’s one of the best things to do in Savannah with kids

It’s beautiful all year-round, but things get particularly festive around St Patrick’s Day. To celebrate the Irish holiday, they even fill up the fountain with green dye!

Tybee Island – the perfect weekend in Savannah

things to do in savannah ga

So it’s not right in the centre of Savannah, but it’s easy to get to. If Savannah’s heat and humidity gets to you, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the beach is just a short bus ride away.

The most famous beach is Tybee Island, about twenty minutes away.

You could easily spend a whole day here because there’s plenty to do, but just a few hours will be enough to enjoy the sun and sand!

While you’re there, don’t miss the beautiful and historic lighthouse as well.

Bonaventure Cemetery – a must see in Savannah

How to Experience Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah has several historic cemeteries that are incredibly beautiful and atmospheric. I love visiting cemeteries, as they really give you a tangible link to the past and are usually very beautiful.

The cemetery was founded in 1846, and is home to many of Savannah’s most notable people. These include silent film actress Edythe Chapman and novelist Conrad Aiken.

The cemetery’s biggest claim to fame is having acted as the setting for the novel In the Garden of Good and Evil, which was later turned into a film directed by Clint Eastwood. Ghost tours are very famous here!

Book your Savannah Bonaventure Cemetery Tour here.

Take a trolley tour in Savannah

A popular way to take in Savannah’s most famous attractions, from the First African Baptist Church to the Forrest Gump Bench, is by trolley.

A trolley is an old tram which has been refurbished and rolls around the streets of Savannah. It’s definitely a fun way to look at the city’s sights and sure beats walking in the heat!

It’s a must in your Savannah bucket list!

Visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Lowe and the Girl Scouts

Perhaps Savannah’s most famous daughter was Juliette Gordon Lowe, founder of the Girl Scouts.

fun things to do in savannah ga

Visiting the house where she was born in to learn about her and the Girl Scouts is one of the top things to do in Savannah.

As well as her childhood home, you can also visit her adult home which later became the first headquarters of the Girl Scouts. Here, you can buy some of the famous Girl Scout Cookies to take home with you!

Take a walking tour to learn about Savannah’s sombre past

free things to do in savannah ga

While Savannah is incredibly beautiful, I think it’s important to acknowledge that the city has a more sombre past.

Centuries ago, Savannah was one of the busiest slave ports in America, and slave labour built much of the wealth in the region today.

I took an amazing walking tour which was moving and informative, and gave me a deeper appreciation of this period in Savannah’s history, its impact up until this day and some hidden gems in Savannah.

While I do recommend the tour, you could also take a self-guided tour of sites like the monument by the Savannah Waterfront.

Eat yourself silly at Mrs Wilkes’ House

savannah restaurants historic district

If there’s only one restaurant you try in Savannah, I suggest making it The Wilkes House, better known as Mrs Wilkes. Dining here is a bit like enjoying a home cooked meal from your Grandma.

Definitely, one of the best places to eat in Savannah!

It’s an all-you-can-eat style lunch filled with amazing southern classics. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

There’s mac ‘n’ cheese, green beans, fried chicken, apple pie and so much more. All served with iced tea, of course.

One of the best things about Mrs Wilke’s is that you eat at a big communal table so there’s a great chance you’ll make some new friends. Just be prepared to queue – they don’t take bookings and it’s very popular.

Another famous restaurant in Savannah is The Olde Pink House (try their fried green tomatoes), located in the Savannah historic district on Abercorn Street.

The area was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1966.

Eat Your Feelings! Visit Savannah

Have a spiked slushie at Wet Willie’s

things to do in savannah this weekend

Coming from Australia, I was amazed to find out about Savannah’s “open container” policy. You can walk around much of the city with an alcoholic beverage! This is definitely not something you can do in the Land Down Under.

My drink of choice was definitely a colourful slushie from Wet Willie’s (one of the fun places in Savannah!).

This Savannah institution serves up spiked slushies in an amazing array of flavours and colours. One of the best things to do in Savannah at night!

Stroll the Savannah Waterfront

All of Savannah is gorgeous, but I have to admit the Waterfront is pretty special.

Along the waterfront in River street, you’ll find lots of shops, cafes and bars, but you can also just wander along and take in the sights.

And what gorgeous sights they are!

romantic things to do in savannah ga

The “Georgia Queen” river cruiser is usually docked (you can take an evening cruise if you like), while the moving statue inscribed by Maya Angelou is another must-see and one of the non touristy things to do in Savannah.

Thanks to Savannah’s open container policy, you can even sit down with your drink of choice and watch the sun set, one of the free things to do in Savannah.

Visit (and shop) SCAD in historic Savannah

One of my favourite things about Savannah is the artsy vibe. The city is home to a large student population, which gives it a fun and youthful atmosphere.

One of the biggest universities is the Savannah College of Arts and Design.

The students there make some amazing things, from jewellery to paintings and everything in between. It’s really amazing to check out their work and see some up-and-coming artists.

If you want to take home an ultra cool souvenir of Savannah, you can drop by shopSCAD to pick up some amazing pieces by the talented students. One of the unusual things to do in Savannah!

romantic things to do in savannah

Don’t forget Travel Insurance

I always travel with insurance, even if I travel inside my own country. 

No matter how well you plan and research a trip, there are always things that happen beyond your control. I had to use it several times and it saved my trip! 

Hope you liked this Savannah travel guide and these cool & fun things to do in Savannah!




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