Where to stay in Iceland – Top 5 Cool and Unusual Hotels that will make you love Iceland

Where to stay in Iceland hotels

Are you traveling to Iceland and don’t know where to stay in Iceland?

Here you have the coolest place to stay in Iceland.

Iceland is the country of glaciers and hot springs.

Known for its natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes, it’s also the perfect country to find cool and unusual accommodation that will make you love Iceland even more.

where to stay in Iceland

You don’t know where to stay in Iceland?

Are you looking for a hotel with a difference?

What about a farmhouse where you can explore Iceland riding a horse or an eco-luxury hotel in the middle of nature where you can see the northern lights?

Top 5 Cool and Unusual Hotels that will make you love Iceland

Where to stay in Iceland

Here are 5 of the most inspiring and cool hotels in Iceland (no doubt, amazing places to stay in Iceland):

The perfect place to view the Northern Lights

Ranga Hotel

If you don’t know where to stay in Iceland but you know you want relax and immerse yourself in the natural world, Rangá hotel is for you.

Located almost 10km from Reykjavík, you will explore Iceland’s hidden wilderness and will have a wakeup call if the Northern Lights appear so you won’t miss them! One of the coolest places to stay in Iceland!

Don’t leave the hotel without tasting its delicious wild salmon!

Discover Iceland wilderness with horses

Eldhestar is a countryside hotel for nature and adventure lovers. Do you know that it’s inspired by the Icelandic horse? A really important animal in their culture.

icelandic horse

Located in the heart of south-western Iceland, this eco-friendly accommodation has a unique location between volcanic mountains and hidden valleys. One of the most interesting places to stay in Iceland.

Eldhestar hotel offers a variety of riding and horse trekking tours that will connect you with nature. Would you like to explore the green hills surrounding the volcano Hengill? Or do you prefer to ride through the islands of the Ölfusá delta? You choose!

Finally, after an exciting day, what about a relaxing afternoon at one of Eldhestar’s hot tubs? What else can you ask for?

Enjoy the panoramic view of Vatnajökull glacier

Fosshotel Vatnajökull

Fosshotel Vatnajökull hotel is located in the southeast of Iceland with a spectacular panoramic view of the majestic glacier Vatnajökull. One most unique places to stay in Iceland!

It’s the perfect accommodation if you want to take guided glacier tours or boat trips on the Jokulsarlon lagoon.

Explore the vibrating capital town of Reykjavik

where to stay in reykjavik

One of the best well-designed Iceland hotels, 101 Hotel is located in in downtown Reykjavik, known for its shopping, art and design.

All rooms in the hotel are super stylish and decorated in black and white. Choose those overlooking the harbour have amazing views. One of those unique places to stay Iceland.

Are you ready to explore the city that Björk and Anita Briem call home?

101 hotel iceland

Treat yourself with a luxury adventure

If you like challenges and extreme adventure but also want to feel unique and special; ION Adventure hotel is the best choice.

ION hotel

Go for a trek on volcano Mt. Hengill,  explore the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station or the famous Gullfoss waterfall. You’ll love it! Definitely, one of those cool places to stay in Iceland.

After a day full of adventure, the best way to relax is to taste ION’s selection of organic food and a massage at the spa.

Now would love to hear about you:

Have you been to Iceland? Have you stay at any of these Iceland unique hotels? Is it on your bucket list?

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18 responses to “Where to stay in Iceland – Top 5 Cool and Unusual Hotels that will make you love Iceland”

  1. Marlys says:

    I’ve never ever been to Iceland but have read so much about it that I’m really tempted to put it in my bucket list. Perhaps in summer though. I’m not for snow and ice. I’m a southern (Europe) belle!

  2. Nathalie says:

    Still haven’t been to Iceland but I think my choice would be a farmhouse or small intimate hotel. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  3. I am going to Iceland and may, so I am glad to find this article. I definitely want to stay in a place where I can see the Northern lights!

  4. Miranda says:

    I love that the Ranga Hotel has a wake up call service for the northern lights. The ION hotel looks like a hotel we have here in Canada: the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland. Thanks for the super informative round up.

  5. Emiel says:

    I love this, great collection! Iceland is not really on our bucket list…but the Northern Light is. Just have to convince the family to travel to Iceland, they don’t like cold and rainy weather :)
    But these hotels look amazing and will for sure add to the experience. Thanks. Bookmarked!

  6. Jame Ng says:

    Iceland is a very beautiful country.. I will never forget my visit :D

  7. Marc says:

    I absolutely love Iceland and it has so much to offer. I love to see the northern lights and the the rugged landscapes the country has to offer. Each time when I see an article about I want to go there. Thanks for sharing.

  8. John says:

    Iceland amazing where a lot of interesting things. I always desire to be watching the Northern Lights. I will go to iceland soon. Thank you for share.

  9. Johnwooden says:

    Iceland is one of best destinations and it look so beautiful. Hope I can come to it in future

  10. Nice post Sara – particularly like the 101 hotel! That bathtub after a cold day looks amazing :)

  11. Magdalene says:

    Those are some amazing hotels and I can’t believe that I’d never been to Reykjavik. Its time for me to do some serious planning

  12. Jose Allen says:

    iceland is one of most place I want to travel in this year. Thanks for your suggest about hotel . It is really good information I need.

  13. Samielorraine says:

    I need to visit at least once before I die! My ancestors migrated here from iceland in the 1920s, ever since j heard about the country I’ve wanted to visit! Beautiful!

  14. Hi Sara,

    The natural beauty of the place is stunning but the lodging always stood out to me. Homes and apartments and buildings unlike any other place on earth. How incredibly neat. Thanks for sharing :)


  15. […] best option. If you need a break from sleeping in a camper, you can always do that. Here are some cool and quirky hotels in Iceland that are worth checking […]

  16. Iceland is 1 of most favorite island I want to visit. It’s great island

  17. Looks like a fantastic selection of hotels–I wouldn’t know which one to book because they all look spectacular! The one that is the most appealing is the 101 Hotel because of its architecture and interior decor. It seems that all of these options have a great panoramic view, whether it’s of the outdoors or the cityscape.

  18. Danial says:

    Okay, I am sold on Ranga Hotel where I can never miss witnessing the mind-blowing Northern Lights!

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