The Ultimate Marathon Florida Guide For The Best Trip Ever

Marathon, Florida

Planning a holiday to the beautiful Florida Keys? Looking for the top things to do in Marathon Florida?

Here are tips on how to have the best trip!

Marathon, Florida is a city and it includes Marathon Key but also Fat Deer Key, Grassy Key, Vaca Key, Duck Key, Key Colony, and Boot Key.

Marathon is an easy place to visit thanks to being just a short ride from Miami or Key West. In fact, it’s a perfect day trip, but I recommend you to stay longer.

This isn’t just because there are plenty of things to do in Marathon Florida but also because there are some great accommodation options for great prices (find them below!).

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time in Marathon!

things to do in marathon florida area

How to get to Marathon, Florida

The Florida Keys span an area of 125 miles. The span of islands start just south of Miami and are connected by an over-sea highway with 42 bridges.

The three options to get to Marathon are each unique and all have very specific attractions:

Take the best road-trip of your life and drive to the Florida Keys

You may decide to drive from your home, or take a flight to Miami and rent a car to drive the overseas highway.

Marathon is about halfway to Key West so the ride isn’t quite as long. The views are absolutely amazing.

Flights to Marathon Florida

Fly-in to Marathon’s airport, a nice sized airport that allows for many non-stop flights or stop-overs in Miami.  This is a quick way to get to Marathon and start your tropical vacation.

If you are already in Florida the third option may be perfect for you. 

Things to Do & Attractions in Marathon FL

Take the Key West Ferry Service from Marco Island or Fort Myers

Next, bring your car or rent a car to drive the fifty miles to Marathon.

The ferry is a beautiful ride over the ocean to Key West.  While in Key West don’t miss these things to do.

The Best Time to Visit Marathon, Florida

The best time to be staying in Marathon, Florida depends on what you want out of your vacation. Take a look at the priorities below and make your choice.


The off-season in Marathon, Key is summer so from June- September you will find the best prices on flights and hotels.


Lobster season is a serious deal in the Keys. The mini-season is in late July each year. The 8 month season runs August -March.


The most popular time are the winter months November – March. The water is beautiful the seaweed is usually not so fresh on the beach and everything is in full swing.  This is our favorite time to go.

Don’t forget Travel Insurance

I always travel with insurance, even if I travel inside my own country. 

No matter how well you plan and research a trip, there are always things that happen beyond your control. I had to use it several times and it saved my trip! 

Don’t have insurance yet? You can get a free quote here:

Where to Stay in Marathon, Florida

Now that you know you are going, it’s time to find the best hotels in Marathon Florida so you can have a fabulous trip. That’s exactly what we will help you with here!

If you are a beach dweller then Marathon Key, Florida will be the best place to stay for your vacation. Staying in Marathon, Florida requires a few tips and tricks to make it a success.

We will help you find the top accommodation in Marathon Florida for your needs no matter what your budget or what exactly you are looking for.

Marathon Florida Hotels

The first three suggestions are resorts and have all the wonderful amenities you will normally find at a resort.

Grassy Flats and Beach Club

Grassy Flats and Beach Club is located in Grassy Key and is a boutique resort focused on being a sustainable responsible resort. The rooms are gorgeous and many have ocean views.

Click here for more information and the latest prices.

Isla Bella Resort

Isla Bella Beach Resort is a luxury resort with more amenities than would be expected.

Included in the resort are yoga classes, kayaking, biking, fitness center, bocce, giant chess, cornhole, and dominos. There are also opportunities for charter fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing and more.

Don’t miss eating at the on-site restaurant Il Pastino. So delicious!

Click here for more information and the latest prices.

Skipjack Resort Suites & Marina                

Vacation rentals marathon fl

Skipjack Resort’s motto is “Tropical,  Tranquil, and Carefree.” Is there a better motto for the perfect location for a vacation.

Skipjack Resort does not skimp on beautiful rooms or wonderful views. The amenities are what make Skipjack’s a great choice: use of boat dock, and boat slip available, beach buggy transportation to Sombrero Beach, beach bikes and more!

Click here for more information and the latest prices.

Marathon Florida Rentals

The second two suggestions are vacation rentals. These could be condos or homes. We find homes to be more private, larger and especially nice when they have their own pool!

You can book your vacation rentals with Airbnb, and when using it for the first time you can get an Airbnb discount coupon of $37 that in some places could mean free accommodation for a night or two!

Click here to claim your Airbnb discount.

Key Colony Rentals

Marathon Florida rentals

Key Colony Rentals is a family-owned vacation rental business, serving customers since 1983.

With so many choices with waterfront, you will be enjoying your Marathon vacation and its memories for a long time.

Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys

Best Things to Do in Marathon, Florida Keys

Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys will ensure you have the house of your dreams for your dream vacation. 

The rentals vary from condos to homes, pools to oceanfront five bedrooms to one bedroom. Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys will make sure you are happy with your accommodations.

Map Of The Top Accommodation In Marathon, Florida

You are all set for staying in Marathon, Florida with the choices above, are you excited yet?

Where to Eat in Marathon, Florida

Eating out just maybe a favorite activity while vacationing in Marathon, FL. 

Marathon Florida restaurants vary from seafood to American to Italian to Cuban. The majority of restaurants carry fresh seafood and some even have live music.

Our first suggestion is Keys Fisheries which is also a seafood market and a restaurant. The fresh seafood and amazing menu will leave you with lasting memories an amazing dinner.

Sunset grill has an appropriate name. This fresh seafood restaurant will give you a great sunset view.  With a pool to swim in during your dining experience, how could we leave this out?

Other great restaurants in Marathon Florida are Havana Jacks and the Stuffed Pig for breakfast.

Don’t limit yourself with our choices to get out there and eat!

Things to do in Marathon Florida with Kids (or without them!)

Marathon is an amazing family travel destination!

While you are staying in Marathon, Florida fill your calendar with the super fun things to do with kids.

You will not be disappointed with the many things to do! Marine animal life is abundant in Marathon, with many opportunities to touch and see the animals.

The Turtle Hospital

Next, The Turtle Hospital will explain all the importance of keeping our oceans clean and sustainable travel tips to take care of out planet.

This is an actual working hospital so call ahead to arrange an educational tour.

The Dolphin Research Institute

The Dolphin Research Institute is open to the public for visits. Hands-on opportunities are available for an extra charge.

Sombrero Beach

What tropical island would not be complete without an incredible beach? 

Sombrero Beach is the typical tropical beach  but has some of its own nuances. The soft sand and beautiful  water draw me to this beach.  We came back to this beach throughout our vacation.

Bahia Honda State Park

How long does it take to drive from Miami to Marathon

Bahia Honda State Park is the perfect place for outdoor excursions.

Snorkeling is the perfect family activity and at Bahia Honda is a great location. Other than snorkeling there is fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, geocaching, flora hunting, boat launching, and a nature center. 

If you are a camper there are a variety of sites your family could enjoy. Bahia Honda has three beaches to enjoy swimming all day long.

Florida Keys Aquarium

First, check out the Florida Keys Aquarium for a great touch tank and many other experiences. Our family loved the huge fish tanks, one for smaller fish and one for predators.

 There are even opportunities to dive into the tanks.  Don’t miss the turtle section too!

Final Words about Marathon, Florida

As you can see there is no shortage of things to do and places to visit in Marathon Florida. Whether you’re interested in snorkeling, water sports, beach activities or hiking there is something for everyone in Marathon.

It’s also an ideal destination for families with loads of great family-friendly attractions.

Hope you liked this Marathon, Florida travel guide and these cool & fun things to do in Marathon!



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