8 Most Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Getting a Turkey e-Visa

Turkey e-Visa

Most travelers still need to have a valid visa to visit and explore Turkey. One of the easier ways to get one is by applying online using the electronic Turkey visa system.

But even though the whole process is quite easy and most Turkey e-Visa applications get approved within 72 hours from being submitted, there are a few mistakes that travelers make while applying.

This article includes the most common mistakes that travelers make when applying. It also provides helpful tips and tricks on how you can avoid these errors.

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for the Turkish e-Visa

Turkish e visa

Make sure to avoid these mistakes when applying for your Turkey e-Visa to have your application approved as quickly as possible!

Mistake No #1: Not reading the instructions carefully

One of the most common mistakes that people make when applying for the Turkey e-Visa is not reading the instructions carefully.

People often apply without reading all of the instructions, which can cause them to make mistakes.

The application process consists of three simple steps, all of which can be completed online within minutes!

Mistake No #2: Failing to provide accurate information

You must provide accurate and complete information when applying for the e-Visa for Turkey. You should provide your full name, gender, date of birth, home address, and phone number.

You also need to give the reason for traveling and provide some basic passport details.

The best way to avoid providing inaccurate information is to always double-check it before submitting it further for approval.

What Can I Do If I Make a Mistake?

If have made a mistake while providing your data, it’s best to contact the e-Visa agency you’re using. Get in touch with the support team and let them help you resolve your issue.

If applying via the official route, it may be necessary to start the application process all over again.

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Mistake No #3: Forgetting to attach a photo of yourself

Another common mistake that people make when applying for an e-Visa to Turkey is forgetting to attach a photo of themselves.

You should attach a recent photograph of yourself on top of your application. You can take this photo with your smartphone or even PC/laptop camera, and then upload it onto the website you use to get the Turkey visa online while you’re filling out your form.

It is important that you follow all of the requirements for uploading a photo in order to avoid any mistakes. This includes ensuring that your face occupies at least 80% of the space in the photo, and you are not wearing sunglasses or a hat in the picture.

Getting a Turkey e-Visa

Mistake No #4: Using an expired passport or ID card for your application

Another common mistake is using an expired passport or ID card for the e-Visa application.

It is important that you don’t use a document that has already expired. This can cause you to lose points when your application is being processed, and might also result in denial of the visa altogether.

Moreover, the passport should not only be not expired, but also stay valid for no less than six months from the planned arrival.

If you’re passport does not meet this requirement, it’s best to renew it before handling the Turkish e-Visa.

Mistake No #5: Failing to include all required documents

It is important to make sure that you attach all the necessary documents when applying for the Turkish e-Visa.

You need to include a copy of your passport that has an appropriate validity period. Besides this one document, there may be additional ones required. However, this depends on your nationality.

The Turkish Government may need a few more supporting documents, e.g., a return ticket, proof of having a booked hotel, proof of having sufficient funds, a valid visa or residence permit from a certain country.

That is why it’s best to do your research before applying and ensure which documents will you need to attach to your application to have it positively approved.

turkey e visa

Mistake No #6: Applying less than 72 hours before the planned arrival in Turkey

Applying for the Turkish e-Visa less than 72 hours before you’re scheduled to arrive in the country is one the biggest mistakes one can make.

This can lead to a lower chance that your application will be accepted or even it being denied because there may not be enough time to process it.

Apply three business days before arriving in Turkey to make sure that nothing will stand in your way of getting the Turkey e-Visa!

Mistake No #7: Not Paying Attention To Your Departure/Arrival Date

Another common mistake that people make when applying is not paying attention to their exit date before they apply.

Many travelers forget to check what day they need to leave Turkey by, which can cause problems.

If you are supposed to leave Turkey by January 20th, then there is no reason why you should select a Turkish e-Visa that expires on January 19th.

You will not make it out of the country before your visa runs out and it will be a waste of money and time.

Mistake No #8: Not Being Aware of the Period You Need to Travel For

Many people do not know that they need to be aware of the period for which they need to travel before applying.

The Turkish e-Visa is issued for a maximum stay period, and it can be either 30 or 90 days (depending on your home country).

Once your Turkish e-Visa is issued, make sure to plan your stay accordingly and do not extend it to avoid any issues upon leaving Turkey.

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