20 Best Cruise Destinations For Couples You’ll Love in 2024

Best cruise destinations for couples

Looking to embark on a romantic cruise getaway with your loved one? Look no further!

I’ve curated a list of the best cruise destinations for couples seeking the ultimate romantic experience. From breathtaking beaches to historic cities and cultural gems, these dream cruise destinations will make your couple’s vacation truly unforgettable.

Imagine strolling hand in hand along the stunning shores of Santorini, or exploring the romantic canals of Venice, taking a gondola ride with your special someone while being serenaded.

If you’re in search of a Caribbean paradise, Cozumel and St. Thomas offer crystal-clear waters, unique marine life, and pristine beaches.

For those seeking a touch of culture, Barcelona and Dubrovnik are perfect luxury cruise destinations.

Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, a special occasion, or simply craving a couples’ getaway, these cruise destinations cater to every preference and interest.

So embark on a journey of love and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Best Cruise Destinations For Couples

Sara embarking on a romantic cruise getaway in Malta with her husband

Cruises are the ultimate romantic escape, offering a mix of adventure, relaxation, and those oh-so-important magical moments.

But let’s be real, picking the perfect destination can be as tricky as choosing a Netflix show to binge-watch together.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the most romantic cruise destinations that’ll have you both falling in love all over again.

So pack your bags and your sense of adventure, because we’re about to set sail on a love journey like no other!

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most romantic cruise destinations

Renowned as one of the best cruise destinations for couples, Santorini is an idyllic Mediterranean paradise that exudes romance and beauty at every turn.

As your cruise ship glides into the breathtaking caldera, you’ll be fascinated by Santorini’s white-washed buildings perched atop volcanic cliffs.

The picturesque towns of Oia and Fira are perfect for wandering hand-in-hand through narrow cobblestone streets adorned with bougainvillea and charming boutiques.

I recommend you choose from various excursions offered by your cruise line to further into the local culture and traditions. I really enjoyed the visit to a winery nestled in the volcanic cliffs and indulged in wine-tasting sessions with my husband.

🛳️ Insider tip: The sunset in Oia is not just a sight, it’s an event. My husband and I joined the crowd gathering hours before, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! The way the sun dipped below the caldera was magical.

2. St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

A Caribbean cruise is perfect for a newly married couple's honeymoon.

St. Thomas is a dreamy destination for couples looking to embark on a romantic getaway during their cruise vacation.

As your ship docks at the picturesque port, you’ll be greeted by azure waters and stunning views of the island’s green hills.

One of the must-visit spots in St. Thomas is the famous Magens Bay Beach, known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that stretch for nearly a mile.

For those seeking a touch of luxury and pampering, opt for a private lounge experience where you can unwind with breathtaking views overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor while sipping on refreshing cocktails.

And if you like the incredible villas that are featured in TV shows such as The Bachelorette or Love Island, in the Bahamas you will be amazed by the incredible villas by the sea in some areas of the island.

🛳️ Insider tip: Magens Bay was the perfect spot for a romantic day. We rented a paddleboard and found a secluded area where we felt like we had the whole island to ourselves.

3. Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge at dusk
Rialto Bridge at dusk, Venice, Italy

Venice is undeniably one of the best cruise destinations for couples who seek a romantic and enchanting experience.

As your cruise ship glides into the Venetian lagoon, you’ll be greeted by the sight of beautiful palaces and buildings rising from the water.

One of the must-visit attractions in Venice is St. Mark’s Square, a bustling hub that showcases the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The first time I stepped into the square and saw the beautiful Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, I was blown away! I was also very surprised to find so many pigeons fluttering around. I recommend you sit in one of their outdoor cafes for a delicious cappuccino.

For a truly unique experience in Venice, I recommend taking a gondola ride through its picturesque canals.

Drifting along in one of these elegant boats while being serenaded by gondoliers is an incredibly romantic way to explore the city.

Additionally, exploring neighborhoods like Dorsoduro or Cannaregio will allow you to discover hidden gems, such as little artisan shops and local art galleries.

🛳️ Insider tip: Navigating the canals on a private gondola at dusk was the highlight of my trip. The gondolier even let us bring our own bottle of Prosecco!

4. Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Island in Mexico seen from the crystal clear water with fish swimming, is one of the ideal places to stop on a romantic cruise.

Cozumel is a vibrant and enchanting destination that offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and exciting activities for couples on a romantic cruise.

For couples seeking adventure, Cozumel offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving spots in Mexico.

Take a stroll through San Miguel, the island’s main town, where you can browse through charming shops selling handmade crafts and souvenirs.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try some traditional dishes like tacos al pastor or fresh ceviche made with local catch.

🛳️ Insider tip: My husband and I took this guided snorkeling tour to the Palancar Reef and were amazed by the underwater world. The local guide showed us a hidden underwater cave!

5. Barcelona, Spain

Balcony in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, one of the best cruise destinations for couples.

Barcelona is a vibrant and romantic city that offers an array of experiences for couples on a cruise.

The city’s rich history, breathtaking architecture, and lively atmosphere make it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

One of the must-visit attractions in Barcelona is the iconic Sagrada Familia.

This magnificent basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí is an architectural marvel that will leave you and your partner in awe. Take a guided tour to learn about its fascinating history and intricate details.

Afterward, head to Park Güell, another masterpiece by Gaudí, where you can enjoy a romantic stroll through beautiful gardens while taking in panoramic views of the city.

For some quality time together, explore the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter hand-in-hand.

🛳️ Insider tip: We took a late-night stroll down La Rambla and ended up at a hole-in-the-wall tapas bar. The patatas bravas were to die for, and the atmosphere was electric.

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fishing boats in Dubrovnik harbor with the city wall and fortress in the background at sunset.

Dubrovnik, located on the stunning Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia, is one of the best cruise destinations for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

As you approach the port of Dubrovnik on your cruise ship, you will be captivated by the panoramic views of the city’s fortified walls and terracotta rooftops.

Once you step ashore in Dubrovnik, prepare to be immersed in a world of beauty and history. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an absolute must-visit.

Discover cultural treasures such as the Rector’s Palace, the Franciscan Monastery, and the Dubrovnik Cathedral, each with its own fascinating story to tell.

For couples seeking relaxation and tranquility, I recommend going to Banje Beach which is particularly popular among travelers with its crystal clear waters and sandy shores.

The city has gained popularity due to its appearance as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, making it an even more enticing destination for fans of both history and fantasy alike.

As evening approaches and you prepare to return to your cruise ship, don’t miss out on experiencing live music performances that fill Dubrovnik’s squares during summer nights.

🛳️ Insider tip: Walking the city walls early in the morning gave us a unique perspective of the city before the crowds arrived. The view of the Adriatic was stunning.

7. Alaska, USA

When it comes to planning the best romantic cruise for couples, one destination that shouldn’t be overlooked is Alaska.

Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes of snow-capped mountains and pristine glaciers, Juneau offers a unique and enchanting experience for couples seeking a memorable cruise vacation.

My First Alaska Cruise Was Not What I Expected. Here's Why

One of the highlights of visiting Juneau is the opportunity to explore the stunning Mendenhall Glacier.

Imagine cruising through icy blue waters on a small boat and getting up close to massive chunks of ice! The surreal beauty of this place creates a perfect backdrop for those romantic moments you’ve been longing for.

Another of the most romantic experiences to do during a cruise stop in Alaska is to watch the Northern Lights – the first time I spotted them brought tears to my eyes!

🛳️ Insider tip: I took this helicopter tour to a remote glacier and actually went dog-sledding. It’s an experience that’s as Alaskan as it gets, and something I’ll never forget.

8. Nassau, Bahamas

Wooden bridge with a small white yacht over the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, one of the most romantic destinations for a cruise.

This vibrant Caribbean island offers the perfect blend of stunning beaches, history, and local culture. For young couples looking for a romantic getaway with a tropical twist, Nassau is an ideal choice.

As you step off your cruise ship and onto the shores of Nassau, you’ll be greeted by crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches that stretch for miles. It’s like stepping into a postcard-perfect paradise!

One of the must-visit spots in Nassau is Cable Beach, where you can lounge under the palm trees or take a dip in the Caribbean Sea.

Not to mention the countless water activities available – from snorkeling in colorful coral reefs to exploring underwater caves, there’s something for every type of couple.

Don’t forget to try some Bahamian specialties like conch fritters or fresh seafood dishes.

When it comes to choosing one of the best cruise destinations for couples seeking romance and adventure, Nassau, Bahamas, should definitely be on your radar.

🛳️ Insider tip: My husband and I visited the Blue Lagoon Island, and it was like stepping into a postcard. The water was so clear that we could see our feet, even waist-deep!

9. Sydney, Australia

Bondi beach in Sydney is one of the best places to visit with your partner during your Australia cruise
Bondi Beach in Sydney

Sailing into Sydney Harbour on a romantic cruise is an experience like no other.

As the iconic Opera House comes into view, couples are immediately captivated by the beauty of this city.

From the trendy streets of Surry Hills to the historic Rocks district, Sydney has something for every type of couple. If you’re seeking adventure, a visit to Bondi Beach will provide you with an adrenaline rush with its renowned surf breaks.

On the other hand, if you and your partner are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, take a stroll through the Royal Botanic Garden or enjoy a picnic in Hyde Park.

With its stunning harbor views, diverse neighborhoods, and an array of activities both onshore and off, Sydney offers an ideal setting for a memorable romantic cruise.

🛳️ Insider tip: My husband and I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset. The view from the top was breathtaking, and we even got a photo of the Opera House in the background!

10. St. Lucia, Caribbean

A romantic walk on a wild beach in Saint Lucia is one of the best experiences on a Caribbean cruise.

St. Lucia, a stunning Caribbean island known for its rainforests, volcanic peaks, and pristine beaches, is a dream destination for couples seeking romance and relaxation on their cruise vacation.

If you love nature, embark on a hike up the majestic Pitonstwin volcanic peaks that rise dramatically from the turquoise sea.

As you reach the summit together, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views that will leave you speechless.

St. Lucia also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure-seeking couples. Dive into the coral reefs teeming with marine life in search of hidden treasures or try your hand at snorkeling in secluded coves.

If adrenaline-pumping activities are more your style, embark on an exhilarating zip-lining tour through the tropical canopy or go kayaking along picturesque coastlines.

🛳️ Insider tip: I took a mud bath at Sulphur Springs and felt rejuvenated. The locals say it has healing properties, and I believe them. Totally recommended!

11. Malta

The fishing village of Marsaxlokk is one of my favorite places in Malta and is a must stop if you are cruising with your loved one.

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a hidden gem for couples looking for a romantic vacation, as it offers a unique experience that will make any couple’s cruise unforgettable.

For older couples with a penchant for history and culture, Malta’s capital city of Valletta is a must-visit.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is brimming with Baroque architecture, cobblestone streets, and impressive fortifications.

I recommend you to walk through the city’s narrow alleys lined with quaint shops and cafes, and explore historical sites like St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grand Master’s Palace.

And if you want to venture further, don’t miss the ancient temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra.

On the other hand, young couples looking for adventure will love snorkeling in crystal-clear waters on Gozo or Comino Island or diving to explore underwater caves and reefs teeming with marine life.

I traveled to Malta in November for 10 days and the country was such a surprise!

🛳️ Insider tip: My husband and I visited the Blue Grotto and were stunned by the clarity of the water. We even took a small boat into the caves, an experience that felt like a well-kept secret.

12. Aruba, Caribbean

Thatched cottage on one of the beaches of Aruba, one of the best places to stop on a cruise for couples.

Aruba, located in the heart of the Caribbean, is a gem that should not be overlooked when planning a romantic cruise getaway.

This stunning island offers an abundance of natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for young couples seeking beautiful beaches, water sports (windsurfing there was amazing!), and snorkeling activities.

Whether you choose to relax in Palm Beach or explore Arashi Beach, you are guaranteed to find your own slice of paradise.

Additionally, you can embark on a romantic sunset cruise around the island. My husband love it and we were surprised by a group of dolphins that came to say hi!

Aruba is also home to charming coastal towns such as Oranjestad, where you can immerse yourselves in local culture and history, enjoy Dutch colonial architecture, or visit historical landmarks like Fort Zoutman and Willem III Tower.

🛳️ Insider tip: I went off-roading to the Natural Pool, a hidden gem that’s not easily accessible but so worth the effort. The water was refreshingly cool!

13. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is one of the most unique cruise destinatons for couples

One of the most unexpected cruise destinations for couples is Reykjavik.

This unique city offers so many experiences that you and your couple will love. From its breathtaking natural wonders to its vibrant cultural scene, Reykjavik has something to offer for every type of couple.

A visit to the Blue Lagoon is an absolute must. Imagine soaking in the mineral-rich geothermal waters with your partner, surrounded by stunning volcanic landscapes – it’s truly a surreal experience!

For couples looking for a taste of urban charm, downtown Reykjavik won’t disappoint.

The capital of Iceland. boasts a thriving arts scene with numerous galleries and museums to explore together. You can also catch live music performances in various venues throughout the city!

So why not board a cruise that includes Reykjavik as one of its stops? It will become one of your favorite destinations just like it did for me!

🛳️ Insider tip: I took a dip in the Blue Lagoon as the sun was setting. It was so romantic! I totally recommend that visit.

14. Bermuda

Best cruise destinations for couples

With its pink sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Bermuda offers a picture-perfect setting for couples looking for a truly memorable cruise experience.

One of the great things about Bermuda is that many cruise lines include it as a stop on their itineraries. This means that you can combine your love for cruising with exploring this destination.

Upon arrival, you’ll find yourself greeted by warm breezes and friendly locals who are eager to share their local culture with you.

But once there, I discovered that Bermuda has much more to offer than just pristine beaches. I recommend you take a walk in Hamilton, the capital city, known for its pastel-colored buildings and British influence.

Don’t miss out on visiting St. George’s Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site full of fascinating historical landmarks.

I loved snorkeling in Bermuda as there were lots of colorful coral reefs and I got adventurous getting on one of Bermuda’s famous pink scooters. My husband and I had a blast!

And don’t forget to try the island’s signature drink, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy – a refreshing blend of ginger beer and dark rum that perfectly captures the spirit of Bermuda.

🛳️ Insider tip: I tried cliff diving at Admiralty House Park. It’s a local hotspot that’s not widely advertised, making it feel like our own private adventure. 100% recommended!

15. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec offers a unique blend of European charm and North American beauty.

For couples looking for a romantic cruise getaway, this city has it all. One of the best things about Quebec City is its rich history and old-world charm.

We Just Returned from a Canada & New England Cruise!

As you walk through the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

What I enjoyed the most was strolling around the city and discovering artisan shops and small cafes.

But Quebec City isn’t just about history and romance; it also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration. I loved the scenic river cruise along the St. Lawrence River!

For wine enthusiasts, there are even vineyard tours and tastings available just outside the city. ,

Quebec City may not be as well-known as some other popular cruise destinations like Santorini or Venice, but it certainly deserves its place among the best cruise destinations for couples.

🛳️ Insider tip: I found a quaint café in Petit Champlain, the oldest commercial district in North America. The hot chocolate was the perfect warm-up on a chilly day!

16. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the beautiful places in Turkey to visit in a cruise with your couple

Istanbul may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of a romantic cruise for couples. However, it has all the ingredients to create an unforgettable experience for lovebirds looking for off-the-beaten-track destinations.

With its rich history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and lively atmosphere, Istanbul offers plenty of opportunities for couples to create lasting memories together.

One of the must-visit attractions in Istanbul is the iconic Hagia Sophia. It’s simply amazing!

For an added touch of romance, consider taking a boat ride along the Bosphorus at sunset.

🛳️ Insider tip: My husband and I took this private Bosphorus cruise at sunset. The way the light hit the mosques and palaces was something out of a fairy tale!

17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have to confess that Rio de Janeiro is one of my favorite cities in the world! I have visited it several times and it has something special that gets you addicted.

If your romantic cruise stops in Rio, I recommend that you walk along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, take a freshly squeezed pineapple juice on the promenade, and do not miss the Corcovado and the Sugar Loaf (Pao de Açúcar).

The Sugarloaf Mountain is a natural wonder that provides a panoramic view of the entire city and its stunning coastline. To reach its summit, you can take a cable car ride that offers picturesque vistas at every turn.

Rio de Janeiro also boasts an impressive culinary scene that caters to all tastes.

I you’re craving authentic Brazilian cuisine don’t forget to try feijoada – a traditional Brazilian black bean stew that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

🛳️ Insider tip: I took the cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain just as the sun was setting. The view of the city lights coming on was magical!

18. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is an absolute gem when it comes to the best cruise destinations for couples.

One of the main highlights of the city is Table Mountain, an iconic landmark that towers over the city’s skyline.

A cable car ride to the top provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding coastline and cityscape.

When I went up with my husband the clouds were a little low and we didn’t have the best view, but if you are lucky, the views from the top are amazing.

If you like history and culture, a visit to Robben Island is a must. This historic site was once home to Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment and now serves as a museum that chronicles South Africa’s struggle against apartheid.

To immerse in local culture, you and your partner can explore Greenmarket Square—a bustling open-air market filled with stalls selling traditional African crafts, artwork, clothing, and souvenirs.

🛳️ Insider tip: I visited a local vineyard in Stellenbosch. The wine was exquisite, and I even got a behind-the-scenes tour.

19. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico from the air

Puerto Rico is a romantic destination that should be on every couple’s cruise itinerary.

One of the highlights of visiting San Juan is exploring Old San Juan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings take you back in time.

As you wander hand in hand through the streets, take the opportunity to visit historical sites like El Morro Fortress or indulge in some retail therapy at boutique shops selling local crafts and artwork.

The blend of Spanish, African, and indigenous influences in the local dishes creates a unique gastronomic experience that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

When it comes to shore excursions in San Juan, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can embark on a scenic tour of the city and learn about its history or venture out into nature for activities like hiking or snorkeling.

🛳️ Insider tip: I explored the El Morro fortress and found a hidden pathway that led to a secluded lookout point. The view of the ocean was breathtaking!

20. Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best cruise destinations for couples looking for adventure and nature.

Puntarenas is a hidden gem among the best cruise destinations for couples. This picturesque town, located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences.

As your cruise ship docks in Puntarenas, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking views of rainforests and beaches – the ideal backdrop for a romantic vacation.

One of the highlights of visiting Puntarenas is exploring its rich biodiversity. You and your couple can embark on shore excursions to tropical rainforests, where you can witness monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds in their natural habitats.

The town itself has its own charm with colorful architecture and street markets offering unique artisanal crafts.

I recommend you savor ceviche or grilled fish accompanied by a local cocktail as you watch the sunset over the horizon.

🛳️ Insider tip: I took a zip-lining tour through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The adrenaline rush was incredible, and I even saw a few howler monkeys along the way!

Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Cruises offer the perfect blend of relaxation, excitement, and, of course, romance. But hold on, not all cruise lines are created equal when it comes to couple-friendly vibes.

That’s why I’ve got the lowdown on the best cruise lines that’ll make you and your partner feel like you’re on your own private love boat.

  • Best Cruise For Couples Overall: Celebrity Cruises
  • Best Luxury Cruise For Couples: Regent Seven Seas Cruises / Seabourn
  • Best Romantic Cruise For Couples: Paul Gauguin Cruises / Uniworld Boutique River Cruises
  • Best Cruise For Young Couples: Virgin Voyages
  • Best All-Inclusive Cruise For Couples: Scenic Cruises
  • Best Cruise For Adventurous Couples: UnCruise Adventures / Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Best Small Ship Cruise For Couples: Windstar Cruises / Silversea Cruises
  • Best Yacht-Like Cruise For Couples: SeaDream Yacht Club
  • Best Cruise for Culinary Enthusiasts: Oceania Cruises
  • Best Cruise for Cultural Enrichment: Viking
  • Best Cruise for Traditional Experience: Holland America / Fred. Olsen Cruises
  • Best Cruise for Varied Options: Princess Cruises
  • Best Adults-Only Cruise: P&O Cruises
We Sailed All 9 Major Cruise Lines In America | Here's How They Ranked

Most Romantic Cruise Destinations: Conclusion

From the romantic sunsets of Santorini to the adventurous allure of Alaska, I’ve explored the crème de la crème of cruise destinations for couples.

But it’s not just about the destinations themselves. A couples cruise vacation is an opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved one.

Whether you’re watching a romantic sunset over the Aegean Sea, exploring historic cities hand in hand, or indulging in the local cuisine, every moment on board and on land is a chance to strengthen your bond and create unforgettable experiences together.

So, if you’re dreaming of a honeymoon cruise or simply looking to escape the daily routine and reconnect, set sail to one of these best cruise destinations for couples.

If you want to know more about some of these dreamy cruise destinations, I’ve got you covered! Dive into my in-depth guides on Croatia, Malta, Barcelona, Turkey, Iceland, and Costa Rica.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and start planning your next romantic getaway!

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