Road Trip Tips: How to Plan an Amazing U.S. Road Trip

Road Trip with a Minibus

The U.S has the largest road network in the world with over 6.58 million kilometres. Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to explore the United States intimately and create unforgettable memories with classmates, colleagues, friends, and family. The larger the group, the merrier.

Road trip tips

Regardless of the group size, the best way to enjoy a road trip is to charter a minibus rental and mitigate all the responsibility of driving and navigation to the bus company.

This allows you to focus on what really matters – creating fun memories and having a good time. A minibus has a capacity of 20 passengers and is perfect for trips within a 300-mile range.

Here are some road trip tips:

Plan for Everything

Your planning should cover the following:

The purpose of the trip

Before considering what type of bus to choose, take into account the purpose of the trip, the duration, and the party size. Four types of trips that are perfect for a minibus use are:

  • Group Tours – mostly used for exploring a city or a nearby site
  • Field Trips – for students visiting colleges or excursions
  • Weddings – for transporting guests to a wedding location, reception, or a dinner party
  • Corporate Event – for off-site business meetings, trainings, or retreat

Plan a U.S. Road Trip

Plan for Stops

Consider planning for stops along the way to rest or explore a site of interest. There are gas stations along every major highway in the U.S with bathrooms. Take breaks if necessary and grab snacks during unscheduled stops.

Plan for Alternate Routes

This is to stay proactive in case of any unforeseen challenges such as bad weather or heavy traffic. Keep in mind wedding ceremonies and corporate events are time sensitive.

Plan for Food

One of the benefits of chartering a minibus is its flexibility. The driver is at your disposal and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have a good time. You may take a quick detour to your favorite restaurant as you pass through a city.

Alternatively, you may pack your lunch and eat on-board or have a scenic picnic with your friends along the way.

Plan for Accommodation

For safety reasons, a driver is required to rest after about 8 hours of continuous driving. You and your friends can book a motel or camp outside. Camping is a great way to bond with friends while sharing stories by the fire.

charter a minibus rental

Plan for Entertainment

Turn your road trip into an entertainment tour.

Bring card games to keep things lively on the bus. Depending on the distance and duration of the journey, you may plan to attend local events at a city on your route. Local concerts and festivals make for a unique experience.

And don’t forget to have music to listen in your car! Check out this amazing road trip songs that will make your trip so much fun!

Road tripping with kids? No worries! Here you have Tips & Fun Activities To Keep them entertained .

Plan for the Unexpected

Sometimes, misfortunes happen that you may not have planned for. They could ruin the entire trip. Do not let anything ruin your trip.

Grab every opportunity to make your road trip as exciting as possible. As the saying goes, turn lemons into lemonades.

American Road Trips


Coming up with a budget should not be a burden. One way to ease the burden is by spreading the cost across the entourage. Minibus rentals go for as little as $98 per hour.

A road trip should be exciting. Remember to take lots of pictures and videos. Chances are, you will relive those fun moments years later. The best memories in life are usually shared with dear friends and family. 

What better way to create unforgettable memories than through an amazing road trip across U.S with a minibus?

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  1. What a cool idea. Super way to see a big country in style, and, in comfort.

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