7 Must-see destinations in the United States

Costa Oeste de Estados Unidos 7 Destinos imprescindibles

The United States West Coast is a journey that thousands of people do every year in search of new experiences and unique locations.

There are many destinations to choose from and if you intend to spend less than a month there, you have to decide what  cities and attractions you shouldn’t miss. There are 7 must-see destinations in the United States:

San Francisco

Costa Oeste de Estados Unidos: 7 Destinos imprescindibles

San Francisco is one of the quintessential cities of California you can’t miss on your tour through the West Coast of the United States. Stroll through the neighborhoods is the best thing you can do to get to the heart of San Francisco.

Los Angeles

People who love movies want to visit Los Angeles for a reason. A city with chaotic traffic, leaves no one indifferent. The best thing you can do is to merge with the atmosphere of the neighborhood of Venice Beach and enjoy the long beaches of Santa Monica.

Do you like the Hollywood movies? Don’t miss the Oscar countdown and how celebs roll in Los Angeles.

Yosemite`s National Park

Costa Oeste de Estados Unidos: Yosemite

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the US. Normally travelers make a stop one day, although this unique place deserves at least two days.  

There are many walking trails of different difficulty levels to explore the park. Best part? No doubt, its landscapes.

Las Vegas

As we all know, Las Vegas is an artificial city, but if I to tell you the truth, visit it doesn’t hurt. It’s worth spending a couple of days immersed in this crazy huge casinos and hotels. In Las Vegas anything goes!

The Grand Canyon

A dream come true. An must stop you can’t miss. A day trip from Las Vegas or a longer driving tour. Which one would you prefer?

I recommend the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, the views are spectacular and it’s a one in a lifetime experience you won’t forget!

San Diego

San Diego was quite a surprise. When traveling by car through the U.S. West Coast, many travelers decide to skip this destination and in my opinion, is a city full of life and has many places to discover.


Yes, I know these Pacific islands can’t be considered the U.S. West Coast, but traveling to Hawaii is a unique experience and the best way to get there is from the major cities of California.

You will have a great time no matter what time of the year you visit, even if you travel to the islands in winter, because you may even see snow in Hawaii!

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One week minimum is perfect for exploring the beaches and Hawaiian nature. The hardest decision you will make is, how to choose the perfect Hawaiian island. Have you got yours?

Would you add any must-see destination in the United States?

 Author: Sara Rodriguez

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