Perito Moreno: Ecotourism in Patagonia

Glaciar Perito Moreno

As a rule, I usually search for information  of the places I am planning to visit, this helps me to optimize the time of my stay but I do it mainly because I really enjoy this planning time, it´s exciting to read other bloggers’ experiences and my imagination flies!

However, there was no time for planning when we suddenly decided to visit Perito Moreno glacier (one of the best places to visit in Argentina) I hardly expected the wonders waiting for me…

Glaciar Perito Moreno en Barco

Our trip started early in the morning in “El Calafate”, and despite our winter clothes a freezing wind hit our face when we stepped out after two hours by bus, I really love that feeling of breathing pure cold air!

After that, we jumped on a zodiac and when I turned around I felt one of the most amazing moments in my whole life, I did not expect at all that huge bluish ice barrier in front of me, it´s great how nature surprises us every time.

Perito Moreno

We got really close to the barrier in order to appreciate its real size ant take some wonderful pictures, keeping at the same time a sufficient safe distance in case of rupture. A glacier rupture must be amazing but we were not lucky this time, hopefully in my next visit.

Glaciar Perito Moreno de cerca

I strongly recommend the trekking on the ice, it is scary at the beginning due to the fact that sometimes slippery beats the crampons provided by the guide.

Crampones Perito Moreno

We were all walking in a row holding our partners´ hand in order to prevent falls, a good idea but, as expected, this was not foolproof and several times one´s fall originated everyone´s fall.

Anyway, the experience fully compensates some falls on the ice you may have, which are funnier than painful, and as a reward some “alfajores” and a shot of whisky were waiting to warm us at the end of the walk.

Paisaje natural Glaciar Perito Moreno

Although we took thousands of photos, the best one is in my mind, I will never forget that blue color. The guide explained us that the reason is because the ice has been with a lot of pressure during millions of years, removing the air inside, this fact makes that the light is not bounced but absorbed providing this blue color.

Do you know if this is the right reason? Have you seen a glacier rupture? Leave your comments!

Parque Nacional Perito Moreno

Practical information

How many days do I need to visit the main points of interest of The Glaciers National Park?

I recommend two days to peacefully enjoy Perito Moreno in Argentina and its surroundings. In case you do not count with two days, in one day you can make a boat trip to the area of the glacier, the minitrekking on ice and learn about this natural wonder.

Which is the best season to go?

You can meet the Perito Moreno at any moment of the year, but I suggest you to go between September and May, as temperatures are a little bit warmer.

Parque Nacional los Glaciares

How do I get to Perito Moreno?

Best way to do the tour of Perito Moreno is from El Calafate city, 80 miles from Glaciers National Park. This is the closest accommodation so if you decide to spend a few days in the area, sleeping in El Calafate is the best option. There are plenty of shops and nice restaurants for dinner.

You have the option of hiring a tour from El Calafate to spend the whole day with everything included or you can go on your own by bus. If you’re on your own, keep in mind that you need to buy the National Park entrance and find your way to the scenic overlooks. Admission is 130 Argentine pesos (15 euros).

Is there any restaurant?

There is a bar close to one of the walkways at the top of the park where you can eat something and drink a nice hot chocolate that I’m sure you will really enjoy.

What to pack for my trip?

If traveling to Patagonia, this packing list will make sure you have everything you need for a successful trip.

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  1. Molly says:

    Love this! I felt the same awe in the wake of Perito Moreno–such an incredible experience!

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