Oxford’s Best Kept Secret: Exploring the wonders of Nature

When I traveled to¬†Oxford¬†for the first time, I never thought¬†it was¬†to become a¬†special place¬†in my life.¬†Living in the United Kingdom for¬†six months¬†taught me¬†how to relax,¬†to¬†explore nature¬†with¬†long walks, discovering¬†that behind¬†its historic buildings, the city hide its¬†best kept secret:¬†Oxford’s¬†amazing¬†nature.

I didn’t need¬†to live there¬†to realize that¬†Oxford¬†has a unique atmosphere.¬†Whoever walks¬†through the streets,¬†can breathe, like¬†I did,¬†its¬†story, its¬†life.

But the fact that I lived there for many months, I did enjoy the freedom you feel when you discover new places every day, where nature lovers can feel at home.

One of my¬†favorite spots¬†in the city is¬†the¬†Botanical Garden.¬†Not just a¬†place to¬†know the origin of¬†many plants, not just a¬†green corner¬†where flowers¬†go unnoticed.¬†It’s much more.

This hidden wonder is located in the heart of Oxford. I learned this garden is the oldest in the UK and one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world.

Administered by the famous University of Oxford, this arboretum was created for scientific purposes, to collect and conserve medicinal plants from all over the world. Interesting, right?

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On the benches¬†of the River¬†Cherwell¬†and under the¬†shadow of the historic¬†Christ Church, it’s¬†a pleasure to¬†spend a morning¬†walking around the garden.¬†Pure nature!

Discovering brightly colored flowers, I sat and read a book on a bench or just relaxed with the sound of the fountains and immobile water lilies. Could I ask for more?

It was definitely a unique feeling that I still remember like it was yesterday. The nature Harcourt Botanical Garden, is the best kept secret in Oxford. Would you come with me to find out?

Author: Sara Rodriguez

Sara Rodríguez

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