What Not to Do on a Plane: 7 Things to Avoid Doing – Revealed!

What Not to Do on a Plane

Flying allows us to visit some amazing destinations thousands of miles away. It opens up a world of opportunities that wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

But flying isn’t without its issues – some people are scared, and most people find the whole airport experience stressful.

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To help make flying hassle-free, we’ve gathered seven things you should avoid doing on a plane.

Pay attention to these travel tips on your next trip and enjoy the flight:

7 Things to Avoid Doing on a Plane

1. Sitting still for too long

Not to Do on a Plane

When you’re stuck on a plane without moving much, according to CN Traveller, experts says experts  your body has a hard time pumping blood from your legs back to your heart to keep it circulating.

Stagnant blood can pool in your legs, upping your risk of a blood clot, something called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Things to Avoid Doing on a plane

That’s why it’s important to walk around, make some healthy movements, as your calf muscles will work to pump blood back up to your heart.

2. Don’t make stupid jokes

things to do on the plane

Unless you want to annoy your fellow passengers or cause offence, you should avoid making any jokes about accidents or the safety of the plane.

The phobia of flying is serious and you could set someone back on their progress.

Even if you’re around people who aren’t scared, joking about such things is only likely to upset someone.

If you’ve got to sit next to them for the next eight hours, it’s not the best idea.

3. Drinking excessively

airline food

Similarly, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the airline staff.

The Secret Traveller lets you in on a secret – if you’re getting drunk, they can easily pretend that they’ve run out of the things that you’re asking for, whether it’s wine, or spirits, or packets of nuts, or whatever it is that your heart desires.

4. Place your feet or arms in the way

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A sure way of your flight being ruined is having someone’s feet appear next to you, or someone hog the armrest with their entire arm.

You wouldn’t want it to happen to you, so don’t do it to someone else.

5. Forget to listen to the safety briefing

things to do on an airplane

It might be boring to listen to, but really what else are you going to do?

You might as well pay attention to the safety briefing. It contains the information that could one day save your life.

At the very least, the Independent Traveler says, take a few moments to figure out where the nearest emergency exit is and how many rows away it is from your seat.

In an emergency, if the cabin is dark or smoky, you can count the rows by touching the seats as you make your way toward an exit.

6. Get a tea or coffee

airline meals

Coliform is bacteria that won’t necessarily make you sick, but it’s likely to harbour more serious stuff like E.coli which is a sure way of ruining your holiday – and this coliform is found in 12% of commercial planes.

So before you order that tea or coffee, think about the potential germs and opt for a bottled water instead. No excuses to stay healthy while traveling!

7. Recline without thinking

things not to do on the plane

Everyone understands that planes aren’t the most comfortable and it’s tempting to recline your seat to try and improve the situation.

But by doing so, you’re only making the person behind you more uncomfortable.

Most of the time, this will only result in a few grumbles – but it can get out of hand if you recline your chair into the lap of someone a bad mood.

One flight even had to return to the airport to resolve a dispute.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, check out these things to do on an plane so you’ll never be bored in flight again!

Do you regularly fly? Share your tips with us!

Where are you flying next? Any favorite places on planet earth do you want to travel?

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  1. I take my breaks almost hourly Sara on long haul flights. Doing so helps me divide up the trip, making time flow quickly. I also like to stretch during these breaks because cramping and discomfort settles in when I used to avoid the breaks. Lesson learned.

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