How to Keep Money Safe while Traveling: Best tips ever!

How to keep your money safe while traveling

Looking for How to Keep Money Safe while Traveling? Here you have the best travel tips to keep your money safe during your trip!

How to hide cash while traveling

When you’re traveling, it may be tempting to leave worry and stress behind. Unfortunately, if you relax too much, you could be leaving yourself open to theft. 

Although it’s not your fault if someone decides to mark you as a target for theft, how you prepare yourself for this incident can change the outcome drastically.

Here are the top ways to ensure your money is safe while you travel!

1. Don’t Carry Cash, one of the best tips to keep money safe while traveling

How to keep money safe

Carrying cash may feel better since it forces a very clear line on how much you can spend, but it can be extraordinarily dangerous in some areas.

If someone steals a credit card, you can cancel it and claim that fraud happened if they charged anything.  If someone steals your cash, the most you can do is make a police report and hope they catch the person.

Even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back. You may want to have the currency of the area you’re in, to make the locals think you live in the Mountain View apartments and you should be treated like a local, but this fun idea won’t do you any good if the local currency is stolen.

2. Avoid Wearing Purses

Keeping money safe while traveling

If you’re in a heavily crowded tourist-laden area, avoid wearing a purse or anything else that can easily be snatched off of your body.  Unless the straps are thick, and you wear them across your shoulders, it’s an easy target.

Of course, you can still carry comfortable and cute bags, like backpacks and cross-body bags, but purses should be avoided or tucked into a larger back while you’re walking.

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3. Keep Bags on Front of Body

Admittedly, you don’t have to do this in every area, but you should in many. For example, if you know a place is rife with pickpockets, you should attempt to protect yourself by wearing your bag over your stomach. 

This can feel silly with a backpack, but it’s only necessary for some areas.  Fanny packs have been coming back in style for the last five years, so don’t be afraid to use one of these as your go-to bag!

This stands true for your wallet as well. Keeping your wallet in the front pocket makes it far harder to reach and grab it.

4. Avoid Falling for Scams, another of the best tips to keep money safe while traveling

Being scammed is the worst feeling because they somehow trick you into giving away your money willingly.

Look out for street vendors who the locals are avoiding or trying to do card tricks or table tricks on the street. While they entertain and disarm, these performers know how to scam you into giving you their money by allowing you to think you can win, only for the chance to turn it around and fleece you for more money.

5. Don’t Leave Your Wallet in the Hotel

safe place to keep money while traveling

You pay for your hotel room, so you’d hope it would be safe, but many aren’t. So keep your money and most valuable items either locked away or completely unfindable. 

Although the staff who work at the hotel more than likely won’t touch it, if someone else comes and takes your items and money, you’re out of luck.

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