Spring in Ohio: 5 Fun Things to Do in the Buckeye State

Fun Things to Do in the Buckeye State in Spring

The enchanting midwestern state of Ohio is known for its scenic countryside, forests, rivers, and spectacular national parks.

Spring’s arrival in Ohio brings an extraordinary wave of seasonal activities, but there is much more to springtime than blooming wildflowers and charming country landscapes.

There are many amazing cities within the state that deserve some recognition. Considered a jewel of the midwest, Cleveland is one of the best places to visit in the United States.

Here, urban lifestyle meets countryside culture, giving you the best combination of what Ohio has to offer.

Spring in Ohio

Throughout the spring season, festivals, county fairs, sports, and outdoor activities abound all over the state. Ohio is a wonderful springtime destination with a diverse variety of amazing sights to see and experiences to enjoy.

Springtime in Ohio – What to Expect

As the temperature starts to rise from the cold winter months, wildflowers start appearing all over Ohio.

March marks the beginning of the spring season, which lasts through to May.

Spring weather in Ohio is mostly comfortable and breezy, with clear skies and sunny days to enjoy all that the state has to offer.

things to do in ohio in april

Certain parts of the state, especially the southern areas, do experience unpredictable weather and thunderstorms during springtime. Be sure to check the forecast for the area you are planning to visit.

Things to Do in the Spring in Ohio 

Ohio has something for everyone, whether you are an outdoor person, an urbanite, a sports fan, or someone who likes the finer things in life.

With many options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect destination and activities for your itinerary.

Check out this guide to some of Ohio’s best springtime activities to make the most of your trip.

1. Spring Outdoor Activities at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is an ideal springtime destination for hikers, adventurers, and nature lovers. During springtime, the park blossoms to life with a wide variety of outdoor activities.

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These include hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing, where you can see adorable critters like turtles and beavers.

The park is also home to the stunning Brandywine Falls, with masses of water cascading down a sixty-foot cliff.

As the winter snow melts away at the start of spring, the increased water flow makes it even more spectacular. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will appreciate the unspoiled nature and activities the park offers.

2. Experience the Feast of the Flowering Moon, Chillicothe

Steeped in Native American culture, the annual Feast of the Flowering Moon is one of Ohio’s most vibrant spring attractions. This four-day festival takes place annually at the end of May.

The local Chillicothe tribe is a part of this celebration, which aims to conserve, educate, and promote Native American history and heritage.

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This vibrant, colorful festival features live demonstrations of skills and arts that are of cultural significance to the tribe.

Other fun activities include carnival rides, handmade craft fairs, traditional music, dance performances, and traditional cuisine. With all it has to offer, the Feast of the Flowering Moon is undoubtedly one of the best spring activities in Ohio.

3. Follow the Celtic Cocktail Trail

The town of Dublin in Ohio is full of Irish culture and locals who uphold the tradition of hospitality and friendliness. Throughout the year, various Irish events take place, adding to the town’s vibrant atmosphere and attracting many visitors.

Every spring, twelve local restaurants, and bars collaborate to host the season-long Celtic Cocktail Trail event.

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Visitors can enjoy a twelve-stop tour across the town as each establishment creates a distinctive cocktail paired with food and entertainment. 

For those who do not want to miss the party but are not partial to alcohol, non-alcoholic variations of the signature cocktails are available.

There are many charming hotels and bed and breakfasts available within walking distance of the participating establishments to ensure the safety of visitors.

4. Spring Exhibits at Cleveland Museum of Art

One of the most popular attractions in Ohio is the Cleveland Museum of Art. During spring, the museum hosts several special events such as workshops, lectures, and art classes for children and adults.

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There are also regular live music and dance performances to accompany the seasonal exhibits and collections.

Cleveland is considered one of the best foodie destinations in the United States. After enjoying a day at the museum, be sure to try a Polish Boy, the city’s iconic specialty sausage sandwich.

5. Visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

For a family-friendly day of fun, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is the perfect destination. With the arrival of spring, seasonal attractions open up, including the Eagle Zip Adventure, the Circle of Wildlife Carousel, and the Boomerang Line Trail.

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The zoo also hosts conservation and educational programs where children of all ages can interact with smaller animals.

You can tour the various zoo exhibits, participate in arts and crafts sessions, and enjoy a delightful stroll through the beautiful gardens surrounding the enclosures.

Final Thoughts on Spring in Ohio

Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings, which also applies to Ohio’s beautiful natural scenery, which is a spectacular sight to behold.

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Whether you are a native Buckeye or a first-time tourist, spring in Ohio is stunning and full of memorable experiences. You are in for a treat whether you’re spending the spring in the charming countryside towns or the bigger urban cities.

With all that Ohio has to offer in the springtime, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. It is undoubtedly a fantastic destination for a delightful spring getaway.

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