Best Time to Visit Dubai for the best trip ever

what is the best time to visit Dubai

If you’re wondering what is the best time to visit Dubai, keep reading, because in this post I tell you the best time to go to Dubai and have the best trip ever.

The magnificent city of Dubai, interesting, diverse and unusual — a real oasis in the middle of the desert on the one hand and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, Dubai attracts thousands of tourists who want to enjoy a first-class vacation there.

This city combines Eastern traditions with modern architecture. It’s the perfect destination to explore for a week or combine with other destination the Maldives.

Best time to visit Dubai

This vibrant city is a playground for adults and children alike and there are so many things to do in Dubai! From iconic landmarks to thrilling adventures, Dubai truly covers it all as a must-visit destination.

An acute issue in planning a trip to Dubai is always a choice of a vacation season. It may seem that the holiday season in Dubai lasts all year round, but this is not quite true.

I will tell you what is the best season to visit Dubai in this post.

Best time to go to Dubai for the best trip ever!

Vacation in Dubai in Summer

A vacation in Dubai in summer time is worth thinking about a hundred times, because the summer in this country is extremely hot.

Dubai is one of the hottest places on Earth in the summertime!

Be prepared that the sea temperature is up to +38 °C. As for the air temperature, it is generally warm up to +50 °C.

The weather in the UAE in summer is hardly suitable for daytime walks on the street.

If you’re planning a solo travel in Dubai and enjoy outdoor adventures, you’ll probably want to skip the sizzling summer temperatures!

Best month to visit Dubai

Local citizens at this time of year spend time in huge entertainment and shopping centers, or enjoying the nights at Dubai Fountain, one of the best landmarks in Dubai, where you can cool down. It is a challenge to use public transport at this time because of the constant heat.

The perfect solution would be a car with air conditioning, likely for tourists, car renting services in Dubai are very popular.

In the heat, such a car will definitely be your favorite place, indeed you can enjoy the views and main attractions while driving a comfortable rental car.

Dubai in summertime is a good idea?

Probably most of us consider summer the best time to visit the UAE. But this is absolutely wrong.

The temperature is extremely high, +40 ° C in the afternoon, the sun is literally burning.

Summer is considered not the best time of the year when it is worth going to the UAE also because the local holy month of Ramadan falls in June.

Best time to travel to Dubai

During this period, you will have to be more modest in your habits and emotions. It is worth thinking carefully before going to this country in summer.

One of the advantages of vacation in summer is that prices at this time are the cheapest, because hotels always give special offers and make discounts during this period.

Dubai in Autumn

If you are thinking about when it is better to rest on the beaches in the UAE, then you can safely choose autumn for a visit to this country.

However, a vacation in Dubai in the fall may seem too hot only in September.

Best season to visit Dubai

The Emirates in autumn are not only perfect for a beach holiday, but also for sightseeing trips.

The weather in autumn is pleasing because the air temperature begins to gradually decrease. But you need to take note that November is considered the rainiest month.

Winter in Dubai, the best time of year to visit Dubai

The weather in Dubai in winter allows you not only to visit a variety of excursions and entertainment centers, but also to swim in the sea.

According to statistics, the air temperature in Dubai in winter months is kept at +22-25 ° C. It may be a little bit cold only in the early morning.

In winter, the sea can cool down a little, the weather could be windy, but as a rule, it does not bother vacationers.

Dubai in winter months

Especially if a beach holiday is not included in your plan, then during your vacation in Dubai in winter you can visit fascinating festivals, water parks, and numerous shopping centers.

At the same time, there are usually a lot of tourists in the UAE for Christmas and New Year holidays, and hotel prices are rising, so the ideal time to relax in Dubai in terms of both prices and weather is October—November and March-April.

In the UAE, sales with discounts of up to 70% are held. In winter, as a rule, they take place in January-February, and in summer in July-August.

The so-called trade festivals are held in different cities, and the time does not coincide, so it is better to find out about the time and place of sales in advance.

Dubai Mall – the biggest shopping center in the whole world is up for your visit.

Spring in Dubai

A vacation in the UAE in the spring is considered the best time to visit Dubai.

Due to the fact that the air temperature is kept at +24 ° C, and the water warms up to +23 ° C, you can swim and sunbathe around all day long.

Weather in Dubai

In the middle of spring, the air temperature rises at several degrees and the vacation season begins. In May, the weather reaches its peak.

Despite this, swimming and sunbathing is still comfortable.

Spend a great time in one of the national restaurants, visit entertainment centers or admire the UAE nature in national reserves.

Water parks are a real must visit place. They are simply exceptional here and are worth spending time there.

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