Top 10 Hottest places on Earth you must visit once!

the Hottest places on earth

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the top 10 hottest places on the Earth. About places where summer is all year round and the sun is shining very brightly.

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Hottest places on earth

When planning your trip to Qatar, one of the best destinations in the Middle East, be sure to bring your sunscreen. The sun is so hot here that the average air temperature is kept at 42 °C in summer.

Dry and comfortable weather in winter, as well as an air temperature of +26 °C, will allow you to enjoy your vacation.


top 10 Hottest places on earth

This Asian country with its centuries-old culture and way of life amazes everyone without exception.

In addition, it impresses with its nature and climate. In summer, the country will meet you with an air temperature of +33 °C, while in winter it does not drop below +25  °C.


hottest place on earth temperature

India is an unusual and wonderful country with vibrant colors, traditions and amazing sceneries. The average temperature is + 32 °C in summer. In winter, the temperature drops to + 16 °C.


Hottest places in te world

Coming here in July or August, you are more likely to have to rent a car if you want to drive along the ideal Arab roads. Because it is simply impossible to move differently in these hottest months. By the way, it is not that expensive to rent a relatively new Chevrolet Camaro.

In summer, the average temperature is + 37 °C and above. In winter, the average daytime temperature is + 22 °C. The climate is utterly hot with little rainfall. One of the hottest places on the Earth!


hottest place on earth in summer

Local summer (September-April) is the rainy season. Air temperature is from +25 to +38 °C. Winter (May-August) – dry season, the average temperature is +18 °C.

Daily temperature fluctuations are very high, in the south, even night frosts happen.

Sri Lanka

hottest place in the world

The second name of the island is Ceylon. Sri Lanka is one of the favorite winter destinations of heat-loving tourists. The proximity to the equator, warm and sunny weather, beautiful beaches and landscapes of extraordinary beauty – everything disposes to a paradisiacal vacation here.

In Sri Lanka, it is worth trying spa treatments, Ayurveda healing practices, relaxation techniques, and massage. The ideal time for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka is from November to March. In winter, the ocean is very warm, the water temperature at this time is about +28 ° C.


worlds hottest place

Bali is the most beloved island of Indonesia. Bali has no traditional division into winter and summer. The rainy season falls during the winter months, especially in December and January. This fact does not scare away tourists from traveling to the island.

The fact is that the longest rains are in the mountains, and on the coast they are often short and fall mostly at night, although there are days when it can rain all day. In winter, Bali is humid and warm, with temperatures averaging +30°C and very warm water, averaging +28°C.


hottest place in the earth

You can go on vacation to Jamaica at any time of the year. In summer the weather is hot and rainy, but from mid-December to early January, the season for a good and comfortable rest comes.

The average temperature is +33 degrees all year round.


hottest city in the world

Since the country is large, there is a wide variety of climatic zones. Therefore, there are differences in the number of regions. However, the temperature here is from + 25 °С  to + 30 °С all year round.

One of the hottest places on the world!


Hot places on earth

The legendary Island of Liberty with its snow-white beaches, dancing, rum and Cuban cigars. The glitter and poverty of Havana, the endless beaches of Varadero, the immortal spirit of Hemingway, whose name is inextricably linked with this island – all this makes Cuba a place everyone wants to visit at least once in their life.

Height of beach holidays in Cuba – winter months. The water temperature during this time of +23-26 ° C. The air warms up to +26-30 ° C.

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