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Hi! My name is Sara.

I’ve been traveling since I was a kid and this blog is where I write my travel experiences and try to give advice to people like you so you can travel to the destination of your dreams.

I write in Mindful Travel to inspire others to travel to unique places, either in person or through my texts and photos. Do you want to know more?

But first things first: How did my passion for traveling start?

When I was six my parents bought a caravan and we traveled through Spain and Europe every holidays until I was 13.

They have always given me the desire to travel and explore new places. The holidays were unique, full of laughs and good times and also convince my parents to get into all the churches and monuments of each city. I wanted to see it all!

And at 18 I got two amazing trips: Interrail through Italy for a month and Tunisia. They were incredible months where I learned how to be independent and also knew a very different culture than my own.

Tunez en Familia

In 2003 a trip to Ecuador changed my life. I spent a month in a neighborhood of Guayaquil, actively collaborating with NGOs and assisting in the education and training of women and children.

I think what I learned in that month has guided my life since then and left such an impact on me that my foundation as a person and human being changed forever.

Traveling responsibly, trying to benefit local communities and be respectful to the environment and cultures of each country is something that I have always in mind when planning a trip. It may not always be possible, but every little step you make, together we can make it.

Voluntariado Ecuador

When I finished college, I lived for 6 months in Oxford. I learned how to to be independent and responsible, and get what I want by myself; as well as improving my English.

During 6 years, thank to my work as an auditor, I could travel around the world and immerse myself in everyday life of people from very different cultures than mine. I absorbed everything that countries like Mexico, Argentina, United States and Brazil have taught me, both professionally and personally.

Familia Mindful Travel

Four years ago, twist of fate, I met the person who I would share my life forever and who loves me and supports my crazy passion for travel. Along with our little dog Kiba, we’ve become a perfect family!

On our honeymoon we chose Thailand and Cambodia. It was an unforgettable trip. The hospitality and culture of both countries definitely impressed me, that look of curiosity, those innocent smiles… I was totally captivated!

No doubt, the journey continues and as we all know, the most important thing is not the destination, but the path that leads to it. Enjoy every day of the trip and always ask yourself: What will be my next destination?

10 Random Facts Yo Don’t know About Me

  • I was born in Madrid on May 18th, 1983 and as a good Taurus, I am very stubborn!
  • My favorite country so far? Brazil
  • My dream trip? India
  • I love animals so much that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a kid. Of course, Kiba has become indispensable in my life. He is also a traveler dog! If you want to know him better, do not miss Pet Friendly categorie.
  • I love sweet. Specially chocolate and here is my best kept secret… I’m addicted to Nutella!
  • I am a very organized person. I love making checklist to not forget all that I have in my head. By at home, I’m pretty messy!
  • I’m passionate about photography. I’m sure you have found the typical person who loves to show her/his photos after a trip; that’s me. And what happens when a friend or relative comes after a trip and want to show his/er  photos? Just me enjoy watching them for hours!
  • A secret I never confessed? I love flight’s food!
  • One tip I follow whenever I can: Enjoy life to the fullest, don’t be conformist and don’t get to old thinking what you could have done and didn’t dear. To relax after a stressful day at work, I turn on loud music at home and dance and sing for hours. Music has charms to soothe a savage breast!

Sara Rodríguez

A passionate traveler with a mission: Help you plan your next trip easily and enjoy it to the fullest.

In this travel blog you will find everything you need to get inspired and organize your next adventure. Read more about my story here.

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