Friday Pic: Ivory Coast


Last month, at the International Tourism Fair, FITUR, I was lucky to taste Ivory Coast’s chocolate. I can assure you, it was delicious! Thinking on all the wonders that await us to discover in this unique African country, today’s Friday Pic is all about traveling to Ivory Coast.

Costa de Marfil

Currently Ivory Coast is a perfect destination for the traveler who wants to discover a country full of nature, gastronomy and amazing culture. Maybe it’s not a destination that we have in mind when we think about traveling to Africa, but that’s because we do not know much about it.

Ivory Coast has over 550 miles of beaches with warm weather and great exoticism thanks to its amazing parks and nature reserves.

I always say that the most important about a destination is its people. In Ivory Coast we can find more than 60 ethnic groups with ancestral customs.

Did you know that Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa in the world? A perfect excuse for chocolate lovers, who will find in this country a unique destination to see first hand how cocoa is grown, extracted and cooked. Besides, you can help local communities who work at these cocoa plantations.

Chocolate Costa de Marfil

Happy Friday!

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