The 7 most Beautiful Beaches in Europe for an unforgettable vacation

Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Don’t know where to go on your vacation? Here’s the most beautiful beaches in Europe. 

Coll Baix, Mallorca, Spain

Coll Baix, Best beaches in europe for families

For sure, you can visit paradise on Earth. This beach is an ideal choice for those who truly value a holiday away from the noisy civilization.

The pebble beach is surrounded by a serene atmosphere and mountain cliffs. All the noise of standard tourist locations is far from this place. Before you get to this amazing part of the country, you first need to take a short walk through the coniferous forest. At this time, you can plunge into the world of coniferous aroma and be alone with nature.

In just half an hour you will reach the desired place, where you will not be disturbed by numerous tourists. And if you are not a fan of walking, then you can get to the beach by boat.

The only thing is that you need to stock up on everything you need to relax at once, since on the beach you will not have the opportunity to go to beach shops.

Palombaggia, France

Palombaggia, one of the best White sand beaches in europe

If you want to relax with the whole family, then this coastal strip is perfect for you. The beach is provided with all the necessary infrastructure: shops, cafes, restaurants.

The beach itself consists of clear water and soft white sand. Children will be able to play by the water, as the descent into the water is quite smooth and you can’t worry about your children.

Those who do not like to be under the scorching sun can move under the pine trees near the rocks. It should be borne in mind that the beach is crowded, but you will be satisfied with your vacation with children against the backdrop of unique landscapes. One of the best spring break destinations for families!

Las Teresitas, Tenerife, Spain

Las Teresitas, one of the best sandy beaches in Europe

Another great place to relax with the whole family is on the island of Tenerife. This exceptional place looks like advertising beaches with azure water, white sand and tall coconut palm trees.

The beach, more than two kilometers long, is shallow, and there will be plenty of space for your children. In the evening you can enjoy toothsome delicacies from local restaurants.

Balos, Greece

Balos, a beautiful beach in Greece

If you are a lover of adventures and isolated locations, then you should definitely visit Balos.

This place is as if on its own separate planet. Here you will not see everything for which numerous crowds of tourists come: bars, restaurants, noisy parties. Here you can see the confluence of three seas, watch rabbits, see exotic plants, and enjoy a unique landscape.

Tropea, Italy

This location will delight visitors who want to bask in the sun and swim in the sea. Not neglecting your needs, such as showering after salt water. After all, all the necessary infrastructure is present here.

You do not need to think about where to buy something you need, where to dine or have breakfast, and where to get a sun lounger and umbrella. Against the backdrop of the beach, there are historical sites that you can visit in your free time. During the summer season, you can visit various festivals and celebrations.

Cala Macarella, Spain

This is where the real paradise for lovers of posting beautiful photos on Instagram is located. This place is famous for the fact that the water here is so clear that it seems as if moored boats and cutters are just floating in the air.

Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of complete peace, because the waves here are not wild. Your feet will be able to plunge into the pleasant soft white sand, and your gaze can be directed to the sheer cliffs, shrouded in greenery.

The infrastructure is not well established here, with the exception of a small local cafe not far from the coast, which is equipped with beach furniture, where you can enjoy your evenings.

Elafonisi, Greece

Greece is home to one of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, as the beach is pink. It became so due to the fact that the sand is dotted with small shells, corals and starfish, which painted it that color.

The water is crystal clear and, looking into the water, you can see absolutely everything that is there, even without diving with underwater glasses. All the necessary places for a good rest are located near the beach. So you can safely come here with the whole family.

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