10 Best Wildlife Holidays in the World

Best Wildlife Holidays in the World

Want to see wildlife in the wild, where it belongs?  Check out this post with the best wildlife holidays in the world, from tiger safaris in India, whales & bears in Canada to elephants & lions in Kenya.

The perfect holiday observing wild animals!

With a chance to encounter animals in their natural habitat, it’s no wonder wildlife holidays are so popular. Whale watching, safaris and jungle trekking all offer amazing opportunities to get in touch with nature.

With such incredibly diverse wildlife, it can be hard to narrow it down to the best destinations.

Each traveler has something in particular that attracts them to the wild. Below are some of the best wildlife holidays and the top places to travel for wildlife, each offering their own beauty and unique experiences.

Epic wildlife holidays in the world

Best Wildlife destinations in the World

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Explore the Land of the Tigers in India

A tiger tour in India offers you the opportunity to get up close with India’s most iconic residents. Home to half of the entire Bengel Tiger species, the protected reserves in India offer an exciting array of safaris where you’ll often see tigers prowling through the forests.

Indian wildlife is an amazing treat for nature enthusiasts. It’s a chance to spot sloth bears, bison, Indian elephants and the extremely rare wild dog species within these beautiful wildlife environments. Definitely, one of the best places for wildlife holidays!

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Observe Whales and Grizzly Bears in Canada

Many travel from far places to come and visit the large and mesmerizing mammals found in Canada’s wild. The vast lands offer incredible wildlife sightings that you won’t have a chance to see anywhere else.

Enormous moose and even bigger grizzlies (you can even spot bears at Lake Louise!), cougars and grey wolves are the biggest attractions in Canada.

These mammals play an important role in Canada’s tourism. And as a reward, Canada works at conserving the habitats for these ever-increasing endangered species.

Humpbacks, blue whales and killer whales often make appearances along the coast. The chatty whales groan and squeak amongst each other.

The chance to hear these giants communicating is humbling. Whale watching here is amazing! For me, it was one of the best wildlife experiences in the world.

Explore the National Parks in the USA

59 US National Parks are open to the public, leaving nature lovers spoilt with choice. The diverse parks each have their own awe-inspiring moments to enjoy.

Wildlife tours

Take a trip to Point Reyes National Seashore and you’ll spot 2,500 elephant seals crowding the beaches.

Visit The Pine Tree State to see the largest population of moose, which is close to 75,000. Or head to Everglades National Park, where both crocodiles and American alligators can be found.

If you’re a bird lover, the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas hosts about 520 species of birds, including kites, kingfishers and the grey Hawke.

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Observe Penguins and Seals in Antarctica

Would you like to explore Antarctica?

It’s the coldest and most inhospitable continent on planet Earth, and the animals that live there are mainly aquatic, such as seals, penguins, and other birds.

Being able to spot animals of Antarctica is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can live there. 

Reindeer, Arctic Foxes and Puffins in Iceland

The harsh climate in Iceland doesn’t seem to stop a wealth of wildlife from thriving.

In the summer times, reindeer gather in small herds, often high in the mountains for the best grazing grounds. But come winter, you’ll find large herds, made up of a few 100 reindeer.

It’s the best season to see them, as they travel to lower grounds in search of fresh grass.

Wildlife tours

The arctic fox is Iceland’s only native mammal. The beautiful white furs will change color depending on the season, and in the snowy winter seasons, they’re quite beautiful to spy on.

One of the easiest things to spot in Iceland is the puffins. A simple drive around the coastline and you’ll spot hundreds of them along the way. One of the best European wildlife holidays!

South Africa’s Iconic Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the most famous wildlife destinations in the world. And it’s no surprise why. The park is proud to be called home by Africa’s Big 5, the elephant, rhino, wildebeest, lion and leopard.

The park boasts a wide range of ecosystems and habitats, offering visitors a chance to experience different flora, unique bird species and plenty of different animal species.

Nature holidays

Hippos and crocodiles gather in the rivers, while buck and deer courageously drink from the water beds. The hungry crocs will take their chances trying to score a large dinner.

Explore the park on a guided game drive, where expert wildlife operators will share their knowledge about these African beauties. One of the best places to see wildlife in the world!

The Giraffe Manor and the Great Migration in Kenya

The great wildebeest migration is a phenomenal spectacle that occurs from late August to September.

It involves close to 1.5 million wildebeest, along with impala and eland, crossing over the Mara River to reach new grazing grounds. It’s one of the most iconic wildlife experiences in the world and should be seen by everyone!

wildlife watching destinations

For those who are looking forward to interacting with wildlife, the famous Giraffe Manor is ideal.

Situated in the indigenous forest in Nairobi, the lodge is visited every morning and evening by resident herds of giraffes. They poke their long necks through the dining halls in hopes of receiving some tasty treats.

Travel Through the Jungles of Costa Rica

Wildlife can be found in every nook and cranny in Costa Rica. From the shoreline, be on the lookout for dolphins, whales and turtles. While a trip inland means you’ll probably be visited by one of the many unique creatures.

The sounds of the jungle can be heard quite loudly, specifically because of the howler monkeys hidden in the treetops.

Bring along your binoculars and encounter sloths, tree frogs, iguanas and various monkeys in these tropical rainforests.

Given that the area is so rich in wildlife, there are many adventure and wildlife tours aimed at certain wildlife.

So whether you’re interested in whale watching, sloth spotting or bird watching, you won’t find a shortage of unbelievable tours. Besides, Costa Rica is one of the best family wildlife holidays ever.

Visit the Savannas and Rainforests in Uganda

Primates are one of the biggest highlights of Uganda and are widespread throughout the country.

Budget Wildlife Holidays

Many travelers come to Uganda to trek through the forests in search of the Silverback Mountain Gorilla. It’s particularly special because you come face to face with these magnificent creatures.

Some of the other creatures you’ll find in the savannas are equally extraordinary. Like the white rhino, leopard, cheetah and water buffalo.

Zambia’s Variety of African Wildlife

As well as being famous for Victoria Falls, Zambia is one of the best places to view an abundance of wildlife. Some of the iconic African animals, such as lions, hyena and elephants, are easily seen here.

october wildlife holidays

Zambia is one of the best destinations to see shy, nocturnal animals, such as porcupines and bushbabies. It’s also a particularly good spot for leopards, which are usually difficult to encounter in the wild. One of the best places to see wildlife in Africa.

Final words about the Best Wildlife Holidays in the World

The world is filled with amazing wildlife experiences that can be found around the globe. Whether you’re a bird, primate or cat lover, a holiday in the wild gives you the chance to enjoy these wonderful beings.

It’s always asked to enjoy these trips responsibly and respect nature. You’re traveling into the homes of these creatures, where the animals can wander freely and carelessly.

Opt for booking tours that aim at preserving these natural habitats and are involved in conservation projects

Don’t forget Travel Insurance for your Wildlife Vacations

I always travel with insurance, even if I travel inside my own country. 

No matter how well you plan and research a trip, there are always things that happen beyond your control. I had to use it several times and it saved my trip! 




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