32 Magical Christmas Destinations to Visit

Christmas time is coming!

From glittering cities to a few snowy escapes or even tropical beaches, here are the best places to spend Christmas & New Year’s Eve.

There’s plenty of winter fun to be had, from skiing, sledding, snowboarding to ice skating, snowmobiling, and more!

Vermont, USA


Besides being stunningly beautiful, this German village in Washington state offers so much to do during Christmas.

Leavenworth, USA


What makes it extra special is when it’s covered with a blanket of snow at Christmas time. It looks like a Disney movie!

Tallinn, Estonia


Snow-capped peaks, a quaint pedestrian village and fairy-tale seasonal decorations make Soll the perfect Christmas destination.

Soll, Austria


From glittering Christmas lights, to traditional markets, to Trafalgar Square’s world-famous Christmas tree, there’s just so much to do!

London, UK


Strasbourg is the Capital of Christmas and the oldest Christmas market tradition in Europe!

Strasbourg, France


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