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5 Essential Things to Do in Barcelona: Top Attractions & Activities

Looking for one of the coolest cities to visit in Spain? Barcelona is the cosmopolitan city you should consider when choosing the best places to visit in Spain. Without a doubt this Catalan city has so much to offer; so if you visit the city, ​​consider these 5 essential things to do in Barcelona that you will not forget. What’s the… Continue Reading


10 Essential Things to Do in Helsinki in One Day

If you only have 24 hours to visit the capital of Finland, don’t miss these things to do in Helsinki in one day. I always say that the best way to see a city is by planning well, knowing what to see, the main activities and tourist attractions. You should create an itinerary so you won’t miss any important places…. Continue Reading


Secret Places to Visit in Rome

The Eternal City is one of those places where you always return. No matter if you throw the coin to the Trevi Fountain, because once you set foot in Rome, you are destined to return sooner or later. Secret Places to Visit in Rome After discovering the most famous monuments and places of La Dolce Vita, as the Trevi Fountain, the… Continue Reading

donde alojarse en londres

6 Unique and Unusual Places to Stay in London

Where to sleep in London? That is the big question when you decide to visit the famous English town. You can find thousands of sites that offer bed and breakfast or the best hotels located in the center with the best views of the city. What I want to show you is that looking for accommodation can be fun and… Continue Reading