Resources for Travel Bloggers

Recursos para bloggers

Are you thinking of creating your own blog? Want to know what resources I use as travel blogger?

I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that travel bloggers can use to know the products and services that that will benefit you and your blog.

I hope these resources serve you as much as they serve me. They will teach you how to start a travel blog!

If you have any questions or don’t know how to use them, just leave a comment at the end of the post or write me an email. I’ll be happy to help you!

Here’s the list of all the products I use or have used for my blog. Also, I recommend you to read my post about How to start a blog in 3 simple steps, where I provide tips for Getting started with your own blog.

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Resources for Travel Bloggers

  • Buy your own domain for your blog. My recommendation is Namecheap: it’s less than 8 euros per year.
  • Buy a hosting, it’s simply to purchase where your blog will be “hosted”. I use Hostgator. Bloggers from all over the world recommended it and certainly, in my opinion, it’s one of the best hosting sites in the market, both for its customer service with online chat and its quality / price.

Using a good hosting site like Hostgator, won’t let your blog continually blocked. You can also purchase it by clicking on the image below. The price is cheaper if you pay in advance. Try and pay for your yearly Hostgator fee up front. It will save you money!

  • As for themes for your blog, you can get one free at WordPress page or premium, paying a fixed amount, to get a more unique template.

I like to have a personalized blog and not having the risk of duplicate designs on the Internet, so I chose a premium theme. Specifically, I recommend three pages:

  • Theme Forest, This is the current framework I’m using with Mindful Travel and I personally love it! You can choose from hundreds of themes to design your blog and also see reviews from other users who have bought it before; how many times it has been downloaded and You can contact the designer of the theme through the site to solve any problem If you want to buy it, click on the image below!
  • The Genesis Framework,This is one of the best frameworks in the market; it’s fast uploading and ideal for SEO, and it has lots of plugins and widgets to custom your blog’s design. It also has a very good support service. You can also purchase it by clicking on the image below.
  • Elegant Themes, This is another excellent provider for the design of your blog. As the name suggests, it has  very neat and clean designs. Take a look and see what you think.

More Useful Resources

  • WeTransfer. I recently discovered this tool. It is extremely useful for sending files and photos online. The free version lets you send up to 2GB per file.
  • Mailchimp. It’s an emailing list manager. It has become so important for my blog and organizing subscribers is easy! Also is a must if you want to send a Newsletter. It allows you to send up to 2,000 subscribers for free.
  • DropBox. Give a space in the cloud to store your documents, post pictures … and you can make backups of what you store on your computer. Lately I use it for everything, is very convenient and you can access your information from any computer!
  • Travel Blog Success. This is a complete course on travel blogging! It’s perfectly explained, step by step and you will learn from marketing, SEO, to how to monetize your blog. The private community and Facebook group are really helpful for getting your questions answered. What do you think?
  • 31 Days to build a better blog: If you’re interested in reading a book on how to improve and optimize your blog and be successful, I recommend this eBook. It’s written by Darren Rowse from Problogger. Darren is one of the biggest bloggers in the world. You can buy it here:  Buy Now

When I discover new products that might be useful for your blog, I will add them here and if you know any product or service you’ve tried and you would recommend it, write a comment at the end of this post. I would love to know it!

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Are you ready for Getting Started with your own Blog?

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of the products listed below and recommend them because they are companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy.

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