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Friday Pic: Ivory Coast

Last month, at the International Tourism Fair, FITUR, I was lucky to taste Ivory Coast’s chocolate. I can assure you, it was delicious! Thinking on all the wonders that await us to discover in this unique African country, today’s Friday Pic is all about traveling to Ivory Coast. Currently Ivory Coast is a perfect destination for the traveler who wants… Continue Reading

Diving in the Red Sea

Friday Pic: Diving in the Red Sea

I have always been attracted by diving. Despite the deep respect I have to the sea, my curiosity to know what is inside is immense. Since I was a kid, I watch documentaries about the Ocean, because what I really love is its marine life. I’ve only snorkel in different parts of the world, from Malaysia to Hawaii, but diving… Continue Reading

Dónde te gustaría estar

Friday Pic: Where do you want to be right now?

In today’s Friday Pic, I would like to ask you a question: Where would you like to be right now? It’s a simple question, but it makes you think. In this new year that begins, I propose you to be the best version of yourself and fight for your dreams. Be more patient, more positive and live each moment as if… Continue Reading

Islas Gallapagos

Friday Pic: Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands are a unique destination that I have on my bucket list of places to visit once in life. My love for animals and nature makes Galapagos the perfect trip as it combines many of my passions besides photography. So on this Friday Pic you can see photos of two of the most typical animals of these Ecuadorian islands…. Continue Reading

Friday Pic_Esquiando en España

Friday Pic: Ski Made in Spain

Many ski slopes are opened and ready to use and in this season, winter sports’ lovers are eager to catch their tables and slide on snow without pause. I am definitely one of those people, are you? So today’s Friday Pic “Skiing in Spain” is an image that comes to my mind every year, while waiting for the time to… Continue Reading