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donde alojarse en londres

6 Unique and Unusual Places to Stay in London

Where to sleep in London? That is the big question when you decide to visit the famous English town. You can find thousands of sites that offer bed and breakfast or the best hotels located in the center with the best views of the city. What I want to show you is that looking for accommodation can be fun and… Continue Reading

Oxford’s Best Kept Secret: Exploring the wonders of Nature

When I traveled to Oxford for the first time, I never thought it was to become a special place in my life. Living there for six months taught me how to relax, to explore nature with long walks, discovering that behind its historic buildings, the city hide its best kept secret: Oxford’s amazing nature. I didn’t need to live there to realize that Oxford has a unique atmosphere. Whoever walks through the streets, can breathe, like I did, its story, its life. But the fact that I lived there for many months, I did enjoy the freedom you feel when you… Continue Reading