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Things to do in Malta

10 Things to do in Malta [What to see, Where to eat and stay]

Planning a trip to Malta and looking for the best things to do in Malta? You’ve come to the right place! Malta is a beautiful island in the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. It is only a stone throw away from the lush Italian island of Sicily and Italian influences are apparent both in the language and the Maltese food scene. Malta is… Continue Reading

Things To Do in Rome

5 Essential Things To Do in Rome

During 2015, Italy has seen more than 8 million international visitors to its capital, Rome, and for many visiting the ancient city isn’t just about eating great food and devouring coppetta after coppetta of gelato. Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to live people’s dreams, strolling through the paved city streets past the marble columns and the medieval… Continue Reading


Secret Places to Visit in Rome

The Eternal City is one of those places where you always return. No matter if you throw the coin to the Trevi Fountain, because once you set foot in Rome, you are destined to return sooner or later. Secret Places to Visit in Rome After discovering the most famous monuments and places of La Dolce Vita, as the Trevi Fountain, the… Continue Reading