6 Best Christmas Markets in Europe for 2024

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Heading to Europe for the Christmas holidays? Visiting Christmas markets in Europe is a must!

European Christmas markets are the ultimate way to get in the holiday spirit. So much that travelers from all around the world rush to join the lit-up, busy streets at this time of the year.

From the food stalls offering gastronomic delicacies to the enormous displays of gift items to choose from, nobody does Christmas markets like Europe.

The splendid Christmas decoration arrangements, live performances of music, and the overall vibe of the markets pulls customers just like honey attracts bees.

European Christmas markets

So, instead of wasting away these precious holidays by staying in bed and having a Christmas movie marathon all by yourself, try something a little different and a little more exciting — allow yourself the pleasure of witnessing the dreamy Christmas markets of Europe!

Best Christmas Markets in Europe you’ll love

Best European Christmas markets

But before you go book your trip, grab your cup of hot chocolate and follow through this article to learn about the best Christmas markets in Europe!

1. Cologne Christmas Market (Germany)

Do you know that Germany is one of the best Christmas destinations?

The Cologne Christmas markets are the most renowned and popular among visitors. And rightfully so — who would want to miss out on shopping at a place with the famous and enchanting cathedral as its backdrop?

Koln Christmas market

What’s more, the fairy tale prayers of every kid have been answered in the form of the Saint Nicholas Village. Not only is this marketplace filled with gnomes and other mythical creatures, but there is also a storytelling session!

And at last, there is an ice skating rink that will also be a great way of lightening up the evening. One of the best Christmas markets in Europe for families!

Christmas in Europe

Markt der Engel is another Christmas market in Germany adorned in hundreds of lights. If you catch a glimpse of it from far away, you’ll see that it looks no less than a bunch of stars twinkling and sparkling!

Cologne is one of the best Christmas markets in Germany, and one of the best destination to try the best German dishes!

Cologne Christmas Market dates: November 25th to December 22nd

2. Budapest Christmas Market (Hungary)

The magical Christmas markets in Budapest are some of the best because of their timeless and beautiful architecture.

Christmas Markets in Budapest

From Vörömarty Square to St. Stephen’s Basilica, all these markets have something unique in store for all their visitors. The tasty variety of food, the shopping stalls, and the music performances all contribute to the appeal of these Christmas markets in Budapest.

These markets are filled with locals during the holidays, and the Christmas spirit is at an all-time high in this city. One of the best Christmas markets in the world!

Budapest in Christmas

Christmas in Budapest is magical! So, what are you waiting for? Choose the city you love and book a trip to one of these lively Christmas markets for an experience worth reminiscing about forever!

Budapest Christmas Market dates: November 24th to December 24th

3. Paris Christmas Market (France)

Paris is known to be the City of Lights, but during Christmas time, the city evolves into pure magic. It’s one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe!

Christmas in Paris

The arrival of the festive season transforms the city — once you land here, you can feel it in the air. Christmas in Paris is magical!

The main tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame look even more breathtaking while adorned with Christmas lightning. Many of these popular spots serve as the exact location for the winter marketplaces.

Christmas market in Paris France

The residents here value the festive seasons and their traditions, and therefore the beautiful Christmas markets set up here are held in high esteem by the Parisians.

The Tuileries Garden Christmas Market of Paris has over 100 stalls selling the usual Christmas stuff with many food items. There is an ice rink, and the articulately decorated carousel screams Christmas like anything.

The Marché de Noël in Notre Dame is another popular location that, when transformed into a traditional Christmas market, is the place to be. You can taste some regional gastronomy and drink mulled wine.

Paris Christmas Markets

It is also the place where the oldest tree of Paris is situated, and even though the market isn’t enormous, it has a dramatic look, and the arts and crafts stalls make it a worthy visit. It

Paris Christmas Markets dates: November 20th, 2021 to January 2nd, 2022

Explore Paris during the most special time of year with this Christmas Bike Tour.

4. Stockholm Christmas Market (Sweden)

Stockholm is a picturesque city that celebrates Christmas with classiness and passion. One of the best Christmas markets in Europe!

Stockholm Christmas markets

The whole town is charged with electricity ahead of Christmas, and one of the things locals love to do during this time is visit Christmas markets. These Swedish markets are packed with adventurous activities, food, and some fantastic stalls where you may splurge your money.

There’s a famous farmer’s market in Fulkunagagatan that operates on Saturdays only and begins during the end of November till the week before Christmas Eve.

Here, you’ll find a massive variety of local Swedish produce, including fresh dairy products like cheese and sweets. No better place to snag some daytime picnic essentials!

Christmas in Stockholm

There is also a vegan market arranged by the restaurant ‘Hermans’ located in Fjällgatan. This Christmas market is a vegan’s dream come to life.

One can acquire 100% vegan products from here, including sweets of all kinds, jewelry, health products, and more—a must-visit for all the vegans out there!

Stockholm Christmas Market dates: November 20th to December 23rd

Get into the festive spirit on this Stockholm Christmas Free Tour!

5. Salzburg Christmas Market (Austria)

Salzburg was once the hometown of the genius composer Mozart and is now filled with many Christmas market stalls that sell vintage items.

Christmas market in Salzburg Austria

The market does not have varieties of thousands of goods, but the quality of the things one will find here will speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a cute little souvenir to cherish forever, this is definitely your place!

Plus, you can spend your evening here being entertained by the carousels and Christmas Carols. The era of the Christmas markets in Salzburg began during the 15th century, and since then, it has managed to charm the socks off of everyone!

Christmas in Salzburg Austria

Christkindlmarkt Salzburg

The Christkindlmarkt in Salzburg was the first-ever set up in 1974. Now to answer what the market can offer its visitors? Well, there are several things.

  • Sweets? Check.
  • Decor items for your house? Check.
  • Gifts items that you could give to your closed ones? Double-check!!

Salzburg Christmas Market dates: November 19th to December 26th

6. Basel Christmas Market (Switzerland)

The city of Basel is well known for its Christmas celebration and hands-down a favorite of tourists from around the globe.

Christmas in Basel

The city has a unique atmosphere during the holidays, and all the towns are illuminated with Christmas lights. The buildings and houses seem to exude a magical and radiant glow during this period — something you surely don’t want to miss!

Christmas markets in Basel Switzerland

The Münsterplatz is a crucial Christmas market location in Basel city. The place is a  sight to behold during Christmas time because of its adornments and the enormous Christmas tree in the center, which is the focal attraction of the area.

The artsy souls will be seduced by the handicrafts offered in the market, and the foodies will rejoice in the aroma of freshly cooked tasty cuisine.

Basel Christmas Market dates: November 25th to December 23th

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Europe Christmas market
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  • Brussels Christmas market
  • Prague Christmas Market
  • Vienna Christmas market

Q&A about the Christmas Markets in Europe

Will there be Christmas markets in Europe in 2024?

Yes! Christmas markets are happening in Europe this year!

The most magical Christmas markets are open this year in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary.

When will Christmas markets be open in Europe this year?

Normally, Christmas markets in Europe open at the end of November till the end of December. Some of them are still open in New Year’s Eve.

Most Magical Christmas Markets in Europe

Where is the biggest Christmas market in Europe?

One of the largest Christmas market in Europe is located in the city center of Cologne, Germany. Vienna Christmas market is also one of the biggest.

What can you buy at European Christmas markets?

If you don’t know what to buy at Christmas markets in Europe, here you have some ideas:

  • Christmas decorations
  • Creative Nativity Scenes
  • Heart-Shaped cookies, traditional sweets and mulled wine
  • Wooden toys
  • Decorated mugs
  • Ornaments

There are so many Christmas Markets in Europe but these are one of the most festive and magical ones.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas season in Europe and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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